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First the notch, now LTE speeds − Samsung mocks Apple again in new ad

Samsung’s latest advert has the iPhone’s download speeds in its sights. After previously poking fun at the iPhone X‘s distinctive display notch, the South Korean firm has now turned to data that suggests Apple’s flagship phone is slower over 4G LTE than the Galaxy S9.

The ad itself is set in a mocked up Apple store, where a clued up customer challenges a member of the team (the clip is titled ‘Ingenius’ in case you were under any doubt) over the iPhone X’s apparently slow download speeds.

The advert might have a point. A recent study conducted by Ookla (who you might know from SpeedTest.net) found that the Galaxy S9’s download speeds are around 37% faster than the iPhone X.

Apparently, the main reason for this is its CAT 18 LTE modem. You’re unlikely to ever get the hardware’s 1.2Gbps maximum throughput, but it’s still a speedy piece of kit.

This latest advert is just one of many times Samsung has poked fun at Apple, its main competitor. Previous adverts have poked fun at Apple’s recent processor throttling fiasco, while consistently mocking the iPhone X’s display notch via a pair of Apple fans sporting it as a distinctive haircut.

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Does the world agree with Samsung

However, it doesn’t seem that the world agrees with Samsung. After initially mocking the display notch, it has since become the biggest smartphone design trend of 2018, with everything from the OnePlus 6 to the Huawei P20 Pro now sporting one.

Meanwhile, despite the Samsung Galaxy S9 being one of the best mobiles in the world, it hasn’t exactly been a massive sales success for Samsung.

Personally I think that’s because Samsung brought a very iterative upgrade to the table in a year when Apple shook up its smartphone lineup in a very significant way.

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