Notch haircut man has a notch haircut child in latest Samsung advert

Samsung has released another advert poking fun at Apple, and this time it’s decided to give ‘notch haircut man’ a child with an identical iPhone X-inspired haircut. 

Before the whole of the mobile phone collectively decided to imitate the iPhone X’s display notch, there were some pretty scathing criticisms of Apple’s latest display trend.

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None were more cutting than Samsung’s, which chose to succinctly parody Apple’s particular brand of fandom by inserting notch haircut man into its advert. This was a man who was so enamoured with the iPhone X display notch that he decided to pay tribute to it with his hairline!

Well, we’ve got great news for you; notch haircut man is back! In its latest advert for the Samsung Galaxy S9, the Korean phone manufacturer has brought our favourite background character back, and he’s now produced a notch haircut-toting child.

But what does it all mean? Could this be a subtle indication that Apple is preparing to launch a second phone with a screen notch? Could this be our first clue as to the eventual design of the iPhone SE 2?

Probably not, but we can dream, right guys?

Otherwise, the advert is a pretty typical swipe at Apple given the company’s last six months, with an iPhone user consistently finding their phone is slowing down, only to be told by an Apple Store employee that turning off “performance management” could lead to “unexpected shutdowns”.

The moral of the story? Buy a Samsung Galaxy S9, apparently.

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