The Galaxy S9 is a great phone, so why isn’t anyone buying it?

Samsung’s latest financial results haven’t quite measured up to expectations. The South Korean firm has advised that it expects to bring in 14.8 trillian won (around £10 billion) in profit out of a total of 58 trillion won (around £40 billion) in the second quarter of 2018, bringing to an end a year of record quarterly profits, and failing to meet analyst expectations. 

Although profit is still up year-on-year, it’s a slight fall from Q1 2018 when the firm recorded 15.64 trillion won profit and 60.56 trillion won in revenue.

It’s not the end of the world for Samsung, but its latest Galaxy S9 handsets haven’t exactly been flying off store shelves, notes Bloomberg.

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An iterative phone in a revolutionary year

But why shouldn’t it? The S9 is hardly a slouch in either the performance or looks department, and we happily rank it as the best smartphone in the world right now, but clearly there’s something about it that hasn’t resonated with consumers.

Perhaps its the fact that while Samsung has settled into a two-year development cycle for its handsets, Apple abandoned its own ‘s’ line last year. While most people expected to see an iPhone 7s in 2017, Apple instead jumped straight to the iPhone 8, and then also released the iPhone X to completely shake up its model.

The iPhone X wasn’t initially to everyone’s taste, but clearly its eye-catching notched display has caught the attention of the industry, with dozens of handsets imitating the design in the first half of 2018.

Meanwhile, outside of a specs bump the S9 was very similar to the S8. In any other year this might have been enough, but clearly 2018 needed more.

Things aren’t likely to immediately change for Samsung. Every rumour points towards its next phone, the Note 9, as being just as iterative as the S9. This leaves the S10 to bring some fresh ideas to the table, and maybe bring back the same kind of excitement that Samsung saw around its S7.

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