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Nvidia’s RTX 30-Series laptop GPUs will be more powerful than the PS5

Nvidia has announced its 30-Series mobile GPUs will start shipping in gaming laptops from the 26th January, ushering in a new generation of portable PCs.  

Mobile iterations of the RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080 will all become available in laptops from the likes of Asus, Alienware and Razer in the coming months.

Nvidia claims the RTX 3060 (the weakest laptop GPU of the trio) is faster than any mobile GPU that preceded it, including the RTX 2080 Super. Even more shockingly, Nvidia asserts that the mobile RTX 3060 is 30% faster than the PS5, targeting a 90fps performance at a 1080p resolution.

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Laptops featuring the RTX 3060 GPU will see a starting price of $999, which is surprisingly affordable compared to previous generations.

The RTX 3070 mobile GPU is reportedly 50% faster than the RTX 2070 that came before it, as the new GPU targets a 90fps 1440p performance with games set to ‘Ultra’ graphics. Nvidia says gaming laptops featuring this GPU will be available from $1299.

And then there’s the juggernaut RTX 3080 GPU, which will apparently power the ‘world’s fastest laptops’. This mobile GPU features up to 16GB of GDDR6 memory and targets a 100+ fps performance at a 1440p resolution. You’ll have to pay at least $1999 for the privilege of such a powerful gaming laptop though, and so it won’t be the best option for the majority of PC gamers.

What’s more, Nvidia revealed that over half of the incoming 30-Series gaming laptops will offer a refresh rate of at least 240Hz. That’s admittedly overkill for most games, but Nvidia suggests the RTX 3080 GPU will be able to hit 280fps in Overwatch and up to 260fps in Fortnite.

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And of course, all three of Nvidia’s new 30-Series mobile GPUs will support both ray tracing and DLSS so you won’t have to miss out on those high-end features by going portable.

With AMD and Intel also revealing mobile processors designed for gaming, it looks to be a very good time to go shopping for a new gaming laptop. We’ll be reviewing as many new gaming laptops as possible in the coming months, so keep an eye on Trusted Reviews.