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Nintendo 3DS region-lock workaround discovered

A new workaround for the Nintendo 3DS region-lock has been discovered, but you’ll need an obscure game to do it.

One of the major issues with the Nintendo 3DS is its region-lock, which means you can only buy games in the same country as your 3DS was purchased in.

But now, a brand new workaround for the region-lock has been discovered, but you’ll have to scout out a physical copy of the puzzle game Cubic Ninja to make it work.

Once you’ve done that, unlocking your 3DS for worldwide games is as simple as scanning a QR code from within the game.

The technique is the creation of prolific 3DS coder Joran “Smealum” Rabet, who used the same obscure game to create a 3DS homebrew loader.

There are a few other region-lock workarounds available, but none of them work with the most recent firmware for 3DS, New 3DS or the larger New 3DS XL.

This region-lock fix doesn’t allow you to load home-brew or private software though.

The entire region-lock workaround process, including the required QR codes, can be found on Smealum’s website.

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The only issue with the rather simple process is actually managing to snag yourself a copy of Cubic Ninja.

After Smealum’s previous efforts, Nintendo quickly pulled the game from the Nintendo eShop and the physical copy has been out of print for some time.

However, it is possible to get second hand copies of the game online, but they are offered for elevated prices.