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Kodi box recalled by EU due to “serious” electric shock risk

The EU has issued a recall notice for a Chinese-made Android TV box, or ‘Kodi box’, amid fears that its poor design leaves users at risk of electric shock.

The device in question is the OTT TV Box 4K, with the European Commission safety warning saying that the risk of electric shock is “serious”.

Owners of the box are advised to stop using it immediately and return it for a refund, though getting your money back could prove problematic as ‘Kodi boxes’ are often bought via the grey market.

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The fault with the OTT TV Box 4K is apparently a dodgy power supply unit (marked ‘ANU-050250A’) that doesn’t comply with Europe’s Low Voltage Direction:

“The creepage and clearance distances are too small and the insulation of the power supply unit is inadequate. The user can touch live parts,” the EC notice reads.

While worrying, it’s important to note that this hardware fault has nothing to do with Kodi itself, which is simply a media streaming platform.

‘Kodi boxes’, as they’re sometimes known, are in fact simply Android TV set-top boxes that come pre-installed with the Kodi software. In the case of so-called ‘fully loaded’ Kodi boxes, they may also be equipped with piracy-enabling add-ons developed by third-parties.

Want to check out Kodi but not so sure about the merits of being electrocuted? We’d recommend installing Kodi on a reputable streaming device, such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick.

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