iPhone 6S mini tipped for 2015 release as 4-inch offering

The iPhone 6 saw Apple follow smartphone trends into the realms of larger screen handsets, but latest reports have suggested 2015 could see the company revert to a 4-inch form factor.

While the much mooted iPhone 6S is widely expected to land next September with an iPhone 6 echoing 4.7-inch display in tow, industry analysts have now predicted it could be joined by a smaller, 4-inch offering.

Speaking in a note to investors, Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri has suggested it is “possible” Apple will launch an iPhone 5C replacing 4-inch handset during the coming year to target a lower market price point.

While firmed up handset details are still unclear, he added that the mooted iPhone 6S mini will feature a number of “purpose-built low cost components” in a bid to keep the handset’s price down.

According to Arcuri, as reported by AppleInsider, the 6S mini could feature a specs sheet similar to that of the 2013 released iPhone 5S.

Such a release would see Apple’s smartphone line expanded to three separate form factors, a 4-inch ‘mini’, the 4.7-inch flagship offering and the 5.5-inch ‘Plus’ line.

Galaxy S6 release date

As well the potential introduction of 4-inch iPhone 6S mini, Arcuri has told investors to expect the heavily rumoured 12.9-inch iPad Pro to touch down in the New Year.

Tipping the oversized tablet to reinvigorate the slate market, he has suggested the iPad Pro will launch on at a currently undecided point in the spring.