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iOS 7 Safari update to introduce a host of new features

The iOS 7 Safari update will introduce a host of new features to make the Apple mobile internet browsing experience much richer.

Safari has been given a fresh coat of paint for iOS 7 and will include a number of new features including a new smart search box and fullscreen mode for landscape and portrait viewing.

Of course, on the surface Safari for iOS 7 has retained some of the same features as its predecessor. It still has the address bar at the top of the screen, menu bar at the bottom and the traditional back, forward, share tab and bookmarks function buttons.

With iOS 7, when a user scrolls down the page, Apple has conveniently made all of the above disappear to allow full access to the content of the selected website. They will automatically reappear when the user reaches the top or bottom of the page.

Fullscreen browsing has also been made the only viewing option for iOS 7 Safari. Previously, it was only available when viewing content in landscape orientation on the iOS 6 version of the browser. Now, it is available in portrait and landscape and users won’t have to toggle it on or off.

Safari on iOS 7 now has a new unified smart search box that offers users a number of options to search. These include “Bookmarks and History”, “Google Search”, “Suggested Sites”, “Top Hits” and “On This Page.”

Tying in with the new iCloud Keychain, which stores passwords and usernames across any OS X and iOS devices like the iPad Mini or iPhone 5, Safari now offers the AutoFill function. It allows Safari to remember personal details such as names and credit card details that can be stored on a site-by-site basis.

iOS 7 also introduces a new tab view for Safari, which is more akin to the iTunes Cover Flow feature that presents the open websites in a 3D scrollable list. Similar to Android, users can swipe off-screen to close any tab as well.

Users will also be able to view any URLs posted in their Twitter feed in the “Shared Links” section.

iOS 7 will be available sometime in the autumn, as will the new OS X Mavericks for Apple desktop devices.

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Via: AppleInsider