HTC Android Wear smartwatch teased in official video

The first HTC Android Wear smartwatch has been teased in an official video released by the company.

HTC has launched a brand new YouTube video detailing what happens behind the scenes at the Taiwanese company.

Within the video, you can clearly see a smartwatch at the side of one man’s desk and a watch face design on the screen of another staff member.

Now, HTC hasn’t yet officially announced its own Android Wear smartwatch, but the device was leaked by notorious tech blogger @evleaks earlier this month.

The metal, square-faced design shown off in that leak looks strikingly similar to what we can glimpse in the HTCHTC Android Wear watch promotional video.

Sadly, the leak didn’t give us any additional information as to what features the HTC Android Wear smartwatch would offer or when we could expect it to be formally announced.

When announcing the Android Wear platform back in March, Google revealed it had already partnered with several manufacturers who had Android Wear watches in the pipeline.

Of course, these company included LG, Samsung and Motorola, but also included HTC, Asus and component manfacturers like Qualcomm and Intel. Fashion brand Fossil was also thrown into the mix.

Both the Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch Android Wear smartwatches are already available to buy in the UK, with the eagerly awaited round-faced Motorola Moto 360 arriving sometime later this summer.

Rumour has it that the HTC Android Wear smartwatch might make an official appearance in the autumn, potentially alongside those three rumoured HTC-made tablets, including the Google Nexus 9.

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