HTC 10 design and innards spilled all over the internet

HTC will launch its new flagship phone in a couple of weeks, but leaked photos have provided a pretty comprehensive look at the HTC 10.

We’ve had a couple of looks at the HTC 10’s new design already, courtesy of a number of leaks. However, this could be the best selection of photos yet.

Over on Chinese retail site Taobao (via French blog Nowhereelse), a bunch of pictures have been posted of the HTC 10 from all angles.

We see the back of the phone, in both grey and black, from a number of angles. While the straight-on images reveal a couple of familiar elements from previous HTC One designs, the more angled ones really emphasise that exaggerated chamfered edge. It’s quite striking.

HTC 10

We also get a good look at the machined bottom edge (complete with USB Type-C port) and the top edge, as well as portions of the sides.

Interestingly, we also get a glimpse at the inside of the rear section, revealing some of the construction elements of the new phone.

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All in all, it provides more confirmation that HTC isn’t sticking with the HTC One A9‘s iPhone 6-aping design. And for that we’re thankful.

In terms of internals, we’re expecting a 5.2-inch AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 820 CPU, and a vastly improved 12-ultrapixel camera (though some have suggested a 23-megapixel unit) that could finally compete with rival efforts.


Excited by the HTC 10, or does your heart belong to Samsung this year? Let us know in the comments.