New GTA Online update will unlock this cunning racing mode

Rockstar has announced a free expansion to GTA Online that will significantly bolster the crazy car stunt quota.

In keeping with the British developer’s love of schoolboy humour, the new add-on will called Cunning Stunts. Yes, really.

Cunning Stunts will add a bunch of physics-defying suspended tracks that look more like something from your local water park than a serious racing game.

“Stunt Races happen on a massive scale, towering above the Los Santos skyline or soaring between the treacherous blades of RON Alternates Windmill Farm,” explains Rockstar. “Vehicles tear upside-down through loops and tubes, launch off ramps with extra propulsion from speed strips, diverge and merge across multiple pathways, and speed through gigantic rings of fire in death-defying new Races.”

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There’s more than a whiff of Trackmania to it all, with a hint of Wip3out and maybe even a trace of Mario Kart’s colourful track design. Which sounds like an exciting mix to us.

Besides these outlandish new tracks, Cunning Stunts will add a bunch of new super cars, sports cars and motorbikes.

GTA Online: Cunning Stunts will be released as a free download on July 12, which is this coming Tuesday.

Has Rockstar jumped the shark with this latest update, or is it just the dose of car-focused fun that GTA Online needed? Let us know what you think in the comments.