The Google Camera app could be getting a key update that’ll make DIY way easier

Google’a Camera app may be getting a new augmented reality measuring tool in the very near future.

The news was broken by eagle eyed writers at XDA Developers late on Wednesday (UK time). The reporters spotted a new mode called “Measure” in the latest Version 6.2 build of the app.

The feature wasn’t functional at the time of publishing, but according to XDA’s report the app will likely have an AR element, which would be pretty awesome. This would in theory let you measure distances and map plans using your smartphone’s camera and screen.

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We’ve seen similar third party apps appear on the Bullitt Group’s CAT phones. The rugged CAT S61 had an awesome measuring tool that used a custom laser sensor and the main camera. We found it a key selling point for the device and a perfect helper for DIY fanatics.

The new camera will probably work a little differently as we can’t see many phone makers adding lasers to phones.

Sadly, it will also likely be limited to Pixel phones, like the fabled Pixel 4. This is apparently as the coding is tied to a service (package) that is only setup to work with Google’s own-brand Pixel phones.

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The Measure tool is one of many new features expected to arrive on Android this year. Google just launched its Android Q beta 2 for the Google Pixel Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel 3 and Google Pixel 3 XL. The beta is an early release of the next mainstream Android version that is designed to let developers and Google test and play with new features.

It adds a number of cool new demo features including improved multi-tasking, bubbles and a foldable emulator.

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