Casio vows to fight back against the Apple Watch in 2016

The arrival of all-singing, all-dancing smartwatches hasn’t been too kind on traditional timepiece makers like Casio.

Marauding tech giants like Google and Apple have encroached upon their territory, blasting them a with a collective “you’re doing it wrong.” That’s despite most companies launching devices of questionable usefulness, with abysmal battery life.

Well Casio, according to a Wall Street Journal report, has had enough and plans to launch a smartwatch of its own early next year.

The Japanese company plans to launch the wearable in its homeland and the United States by March 2016 with a price tag similar to the basic Apple Watch offerings.

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Casio, now under new leadership, feels its ready to make a real run at the tech big guns aiming to negate the need for a regular old digital watch.

“At times we just showed off with quirky features and then pulled those products when they didn’t sell well,” new company CEO Kazuhiro Kashio told the Journal.

We are trying to bring our smartwatch to a level of watch perfection: a device that won’t break easily, is simple to put on and feels good to wear.”

Of course Casio is no stranger to launching watches capable of more than measuring time. The firm’s calculator watch is a retro favourite

you’ll probably see adorning the wrists of hipsters from time to


The company’s fitness-focussed G-Watch GBA-400, a semi-smartwatch with Bluetooth connectivity and iOS and Android music playback, has also earned favourable reviews.