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Best Oven 2024: Integrated and combi appliances tested

Whether you cook or lot or not much at all, you’d be hard-pressed to live in a home that doesn’t have a place for an oven, making the process of getting the best oven possible an incredibly important choice. We’ve thoroughly tested lots of ovens to help you make the right call, focussing on quality of cooking and value, whether you want a high-end oven with steam and temperature cooking or just a budget model with all of the standard options.

Here, we’ve focussed on regular ovens, although we do list some combi microwave ovens. If you want a standard microwave, then our guide to the best microwaves is where you need to head.

Each of the reviews tells you how well an oven cooked a variety of different foods, plus how evenly its heat is spread (important for consistent results) and how well the grill works. We also dive into the features that are available including smart apps, temperature probes, steam cooking and more. By judging how well an oven performs across all of its features, we can help you make the right choice for your needs.

Best oven at a glance

How we test

Learn more about how we test ovens

We put all of our ovens through standard tests to see how well they cook. Evenness of heat is very important, particularly when cooking sensitive items, such as Yorkshire puddings or cakes. To test this, we fill a baking tray with ceramic beads and heat the oven to 200°C. We then use a thermal camera to take an image of the beads, to see how heat is distributed, while an infrared heat gun is used to measure temperature at the front and back of the tray.

We use slices of bread spread across a shelf to measure how evenly an oven can grill and which areas, if any, it can’t reach.

We measure power usage while cooking a batch of oven chips. This is particularly important when testing ovens with special features, as we can tell you if they save you money, as well as if they’re any good.

When we have an oven with a temperature sensor, we cook a chicken breast and set the oven to 74°C, so we can see if the results are what they should be: perfectly cooked with no pink, yet not dried out.

Finally, we tell you how easy the oven is to use, and connect it to any smart apps to see if they add extra features and are worth using.

Whirlpool W11I OM1 4MS2 H

Best overall oven
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Huge range of acessories
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Brilliant interface
  • Temperature probe


  • Can’t just send programme settings from the app

If you’re looking for a high-quality cooking experience with an oven that has loads of space and features, look no further than the Whirlpool W11I OM1 4MS2 H. Most importantly, it cooks brilliantly, with even heat distribution across the cavity. As measured by a tray full of ceramic beads, heat distribution was spot on, with only a 4°C variance from front to back of the oven. We also found that the grill was very even. From edge-to-edge, our toast was perfectly cooked.

Getting perfect results from other food is easy, too. With the provided temperature probe, this oven can cook meat and other dishes to exactly the right level, giving perfect results without drying food out.

It helps that this oven has a brilliant touch interface, powered by a bright LCD screen. It’s both easy to set the oven up manually, and to use the automated cooking routines to cook a specific dish. With every setting needing a couple of touches a most, the Whirlpool W11I OM1 4MS2 H makes it very easy to use its most powerful options.

There’s an app that works with this oven too, which gives remote control plus a way to keep an eye on how well food is cooking.

Inside, there’s 75-litres of space, and Whirlpool provides two wire shelves, a baking tray and a deep tray, plus two telescopic runners that make it easy to add or remove food from the oven.

The only thing that this oven doesn’t have is dedicated steam cooking, but given the quality of everything else, it remains our favourite oven, overall.

Full review: Whirlpool W11I OM1 4MS2 H review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

AEG BPK948330M

The best for high temperatures
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Temperature probe for precise cooking
  • Even grilling
  • Even temperature heating


  • App not that useful

A feature-packed and powerful smart oven, the AEG BPK948330M is also capable of hitting a maximum temperature of 300°C. Sure, that’s not something you’d use every day, but when you need really crispy results fast, this is a handy extra feature to have.

This oven is controlled via a dial and LCD screen, which provides text explanations of each mode. There are all of the standard modes, plus specials for plate warming, dough proving, slow cooking and bread baking. It’s a shame that there’s no dedicated steam dispenser on this model.

We like the temperature probe, which makes it easy to get precise results. Cleverly, with all cooking modes, when the oven finishes its timer run, the oven drops down into keep warm mode, so your food doesn’t get cold.

You can do everything via the app, too, which is handy for exploring the cooking modes and for keeping an eye on what’s being cooked.

Cooking performance was excellent. Its frozen food mode made short work of hash browns with no warm-up required; the grill was exceptionally even, and heat is spread evenly through the cavity. With pyrolytic cleaning, using high temperatures to burn off residue, this is an oven that’s easy to keep clean.

Full review: AEG BPK948330M review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

Neff N90 C29MY7MY0 Microwave Oven

Best combi oven and microwave
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Powerful and flexible
  • Pyrolytic cleaning
  • Temperature probe cooking


  • Expensive

Not only is the Neff N90 C29MY7MY0 a great combination oven, it also happens to be one of the best ovens we’ve tested, period. As a microwave oven, the Neff N90 is already designed to cover several bases but it goes a step beyond to become an all-in-one device that any cook can benefit from.

From a design standpoint, the Neff N90 is quite compact. With just about enough room for two wire shelves and a roasting pan, you will need to think carefully about the space that’s available when cooking multiple food items, but it does mean that the N90 can fit in smaller kitchens.

When it comes to using the microwave function, there are plenty of heat options to choose from and a handy ‘Information’ button that can tell you which temperature is best for which meals. Even though it’s a small feature, it is worth pointing out how handy it is to have a dedicated ‘Microwave’ button for quick access, as the feature tends to be hidden under several menus with other combi ovens we’ve tested.

There is touchscreen control however that makes it easy to select the cooking mode that you’re after, and it can even tell you the estimated cooking time onscreen. For more precise cooking, you’d be better served with using the included cooking probe which lets you cook meat items to perfection.

If you do want a bit of extra peace of mind when you’ve stepped away from your kitchen, you can keep tabs on how your meal is coming along thanks to the Home Connect App. Simply put, this is as robust an experience as we’ve yet to find on a microwave oven, with the only major downside being the high price of entry. If budgeting isn’t an issue however then this is definitely the model you’ll want to buy.

Full review: Neff N90 C29MY7MY0 Microwave Oven review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

Hotpoint MP676IXH

Best value combi microwave oven
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Lots of cooking modes
  • Huge number of accessories
  • Cooks evenly


  • Only space for one oven shelf

Fitting into a smaller integrated oven slot, the Hotpoint MP676IXH is primarily a microwave, although it can run as a conventional oven at temperatures up to 200°C. As there’s a turntable at the bottom, there’s only room for one oven shelf; if you need more oven space with a microwave, you’ll need to buy a more expensive flat-bed model.

Hotpoint provides a lot of accessories with this model: a steamer, a plate cover, a wire stand and a crisp plate for making chips and the like with the Crisp Dynamic function. This cooking mode uses the microwave and grill to deliver crispy food fast. It worked all right, although we had to extend the cooking time to get the best results.

Defrosting and reheating items showed this microwave and its best, and it also perfectly toasted a slice of bread, showing that the grill is very even. We were impressed with the combination grill and microwave mode, which gave us a perfect jacket potato.

If you primarily want a built-in microwave that has a few extra options, this is a quality and well-priced choice.

Full review: Hotpoint MP676IXH review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

Hotpoint Class 4 SI4854HIX

Best budget oven
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Great value
  • Good cooking results
  • Nice choice of accessories


  • Slightly fiddly interface
  • No pull-out shelf

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you just don’t cook that often, the Hotpoint Class 4 SI4854HIX is a brilliant choice. A simple, straightforward oven with a decent 71-litres of internal space, this oven doesn’t have many frills but it does cook well and offers all of the basics.

Standard oven features are chosen by selecting the right icon, plus there are some automatic cooking modes for regular food (pizza, bread, etc.). It’s worth keeping the manual to hand while you learn the options, but all of the main modes you need are there.

While the interface is a little more basic than on some of the high-end ovens, the Hotpoint Class 4 SI4854HIX does cook well. It has even heat distribution and used just 0.412kWh of power to cook a batch of oven chips evenly. Moving to the grill test, our bread came out fully toasted (although the front was slightly less done).

Most importantly, this oven is great value. If you want good results and don’t want to pay a fortune, this straightforward and simple oven is a great choice.

Full review: Hotpoint Class 4 SI4854HIX review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

Samsung Bespoke Series 6 NV7B6685AAN/U4 Oven with Dual Cook

Best for flexibility
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Can split the oven into two separate units
  • Two sliding rails
  • Lots of accessories


  • Only one wire shelf in the box

It’s one large 76-litre oven when you need maximum capacity and two smaller ovens when you need to cook less or two items at once. All you have to do is slide in a divider, and the top and bottom become different ovens. It makes a big difference: we cooked oven chips in the main oven, and it used 0.5333kWh; use half the space and energy consumption dropped to 0.36kWh.

This oven has it all: every regular cooking mode, plus air frying and steam cooking, and Samsung even provides a steamer, which you can use for fish or vegetables. Our only minor complaint is that Samsung is a little stingy with regular accessories: there’s only one wire shelf and a baking tray in the box, along with two telescopic shelf attachments.

For precision cooking, there’s a temperature probe and air sous vide, which precisely controls temperature. Our test chicken breast came out at exactly the right temperature, retaining its moistness. We found that temperatures were even across the oven, and that the grill was perfectly even too.

As well as the brilliant interface, this oven works with SmartThings, which has more explanation of what each mode does, plus a set of recipes you can follow with the app, setting the oven to the optimal mode.

When you want maximum flexibility, this is the oven to buy.

Full review: Samsung Bespoke Series 6 NV7B6685AAN/U4 Oven with Dual Cook review
Reviewer: David Ludlow


Best double oven
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Great value
  • Lots of cooking space
  • Cooks evenly in both ovens


  • Timer operates both ovens
  • Bottom grill is uneven

Cheaper than some single ovens, this double oven has a 72-litre main cavity and a 38-litre top oven (this is not a microwave, as well). This oven has standard controls, with a selector dial used to pick a mode by selecting an icon (have the manual to hand when you start).

Both ovens have analogue temperature dials which run to a maximum of 250°C so you can cook pretty much any item in any cavity.

Using the top oven to cook oven chips, we measured 0.305kWh; the main oven used 0.464kWh for the same amount. Using the top oven for smaller amounts of food can be a good cost saver, particularly as its results were as good as the bottom oven’s.

We found that temperature was evenly distributed, although the back of the top oven was quite a bit hotter than the front, so adjust the selected temperature as you get used to how this oven cooks.

We found the top grill was pretty good, although it didn’t warm the corners of our outermost bits of bread at the front, so smaller dishes work better. The bottom grill was quite uneven in our tests.

It’s not the most feature-packed of ovens, but if you’ve got space for a double and want a good value option, this is the model to buy.

Full review: Belling BEL BI903MFCBLK review
Reviewer: David Ludlow

Neff N90 B69VY7MY0 Oven

Best for temperature control
rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star rating-star


  • Every cooking function you could want
  • Efficient
  • Brilliant temperature control
  • Slide and Hide door is genuinely brilliant


  • Doesn’t come with a Twist Pad Flex

If you’re looking for an oven that boasts numerous smart features, has excellent temperature control which promises even cooking, and is easy to clean, then the Neff N90 B69VY7MY0 integrated oven is an ideal choice. 

We found that the Neff N90 boasts impressively even cooking, making this one of the best ovens we tested for an almost-perfect cook. To test this, we set the oven to 200°C, filled a baking tray with ceramic beads and took the temperature of the tray. With this process, we found very little temperature variation, as the front of the tray measured 194.8°C and the back was 201.2°C. 

There are also multiple general oven modes to choose from, including but not limited to top/bottom heat, fan, circo roasting, break-baking and plate warming. Most of the cooking modes are also compatible with the extra temperature probe

The probe, which plugs into the side of the oven, allows you to set a target temperature and automatically stops the heat when food is detected at the perfect temperature. If you’ve been known to overcook your food, this is the perfect feature for you. 

There’s also the incredibly useful steam mode, which adds moisture to the cooking process and can be included with most other cooking modes too. Continuous steam can be added for certain meals, or if you’re baking bread or rolls, while the Steam Jet mode operates more sparingly.. 

The Neff N90 is packed with smart features, including a touch-screen control panel and a compatible app. The app is useful as it clearly explains what each of the cooking modes should be used for, which makes cooking new recipes much easier. The app also sends a notification to your smartphone when the oven has reached its target temperature or the end of the cooking cycle.

Other features of this integrated oven include a useful slide and hide door, which makes loading and unloading much easier, and its 71-litre capacity, which means lots of larger foods can be cooked easily. 

The Neff N60 is also easy to clean, thanks to the multiple cleaning modes and use of steam to help dislodge dirt. 

Reviewer: David Ludlow

Full review: Neff N90 B69VY7MY0

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How much oven space do I need?

All regular integrated ovens fit into the same physical space in a cupboard, but the internal space they offer is different. For a regular oven, 70-litres+ gives you enough space to handle bigger dinners, such as roast and trimmings. For a smaller integrated combi oven, 40-litres+ is ideal, either for cooking additional food while the main oven is in use, or for cooking smaller amounts of food and saving money on energy costs.

What’s the difference between a flatbed combi microwave and a regular one?

A regular combi microwave oven will have a turntable in the bottom, which rotates. This takes up space and will only work with round dishes or smaller rectangular ones. A flatbed microwave doesn’t have a turntable, so more of the internal cavity is usable. Flatbed models tend to make better overall ovens, but they do cost more.

Do I need integrated steam?

Steam ovens are a great way to preserve moisture in food, while helping develop crisp food, such as baguettes. Water can be added to any oven cavity (in a spare baking tray), but an oven with a steam reservoir will control steam output and give better results.

Do I need pyrolytic cleaning?

Pyrolytic cleaning is very handy: the oven heats up to 450°C or higher, burning off residue and grease, so you just have to scrape out the charred remains. It’s a great way to keep an oven clean without any manual scrubbing.

What other features should I look out for?

An oven with a temperature probe is useful, as it can stop cooking when your food hits the right temperature. That makes precision cooking very easy. Look out for ovens with telescopic shelf mounts, which slide out: these make it easy to load and unload food without having to reach into the oven.

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