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Sony NWZ-Z1000

David Gilbert



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Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000
  • Sony NWZ-Z1000


Key Features

  • 4.3in LCD screen
  • Android 2.3
  • S-Master MX Digital AMplifier
  • W.Control music app
  • Manufacturer: Sony
  • Review Price: to be confirmed

All the latest news and reviews from Las Vegas: CES 2012 Special Report

Sony has launched the Z Series of its famous Walkman range to compete directly with the dominant Apple iPod touch and various other Android devices such as Samsung's Galaxy Player range. However, despite Sony slapping the Walkman label on the Z1000, it is essentially a smartphone without the ability to make calls.

Therefore the Z1000 is not just going up against the iPod touch, but also against every smartphone out there and how it's trying to differentiate itself is through the combination of a digital amplifier and some clever audio software.

Android-based media players have so far failed to even touch the hem of the all-dominant iPod line-up. The Samsung Galaxy Player failed on many levels but Sony is attempting to reinvigorate the sector with the Z Series.

Recent Sony Walkman models have impressed, such as the TrustedReviews 2011 Awards-nominated NWZ-A866, and the idea of a 4.3in touchscreen in combination with Sony's audio expertise sounds like a match made in heaven.

The device itself has taken some design hints from the Xperia Arc series of smartphones and the media player features an arched back which also serves to improve the speaker sound from the player -with Sony claiming it removes the need for a dock to listen to music with your friends.

Sony has placed two small speaker grilles in the middle of the device's back but when placed facing down, it won't come in contact with the surface thanks to the arched back. This gives the speakers room to do their job with the sound varying dependent on what surface the Z1000 is placed on.

We had a quick listen on the show floor here at CES but we were unable to properly judge how well it will work in real world situations, though on initial listening it did sound superior to regular smartphone speakers.

The 4.3in LCD screen has integrated low-reflection technology, however we were unable to see any benefit from this and the screen itself had terrible viewing angles, with the images practically disappearing once we moved it any amount.

Sony has chosen not to include any camera on the Z1000 which seems a strange decision given the media credentials it is giving to the device. The phone features a Micro HDMI port to output video and games to your HD TV and charging is done using Sony's proprietary 20-pin port. The headphone jack is located next to the charging port on the bottom of the Z1000.

Overall the phone - sorry, media player - feels rather light in the hands and lacks the premium quality of Apple's products, due to the plastic material used for the front and rear. Overall, however we liked the design which is rather attractive.


January 12, 2012, 10:06 pm

You know that Simpsons episode where Homer gets to design a car? I wish i got a chance to do that with a Sony PMP, because this looks like a giant pile of disappointing Doh!
I already got a big fat smartphone, and i haven't got room in my pockets for another big fat gizmo. If i want a portable video player or picture viewer i'll buy a tablet or an ultrabook, maybe even a bigger smartphone (and a backpack to store it all in).
Someone please make an mp3-player that doesn't know how to do anything but play music, something small and sleek, with excellent battery life, decent capacity and great audio quality. Without silly gimmicks like karaoke and speakers. Replace that with a built-in file/playlist manager (and perhaps wifi and a spotify app).


January 12, 2012, 11:52 pm

@whitespace: Agreed. Why I'm still rocking my aged iPod Classic.

... or alternatively, a >64GB smartphone with top-notch audio might work, since you're carrying one of those around anyway. Sadly, smartphone audio is so often disappointing.


January 13, 2012, 12:01 am

@whitespace - I agree - I think the nearest you can get to your ideal is the iPod nano but in my case I need more than its 16GB of space.

Anything above 16GB and it seems you have to buy into devices like this Sony and the iPod touch, where you're getting extra functionality when all you want is a music player.

The TR reviewed/awards nominated Sony NWZ-866 seems to come close to what I want, and just plays music and little else. Maybe manufacturer's like Sony are afraid their music players won't have the breadth of appeal if they don't include Smartphone features?


January 16, 2012, 9:08 pm

Sounds like you're after something like the £40 Sansa Clip Zip.
About half the size of a matchbox with a colour screen and 8GB of internal memory plus a microSD slot for up to 64GB more! It'll also happily play back all the formats iPods can't.

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