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E3 2015 Preview

Available on PS4 and Project Morpheus

Rigs release date: TBC 2016

With the Project Morpheus release date landing somewhere in the first half of 2016, it was inevitable that Sony would announce a batch of VR games at E3 2015. Well, among those titles sits Rigs, the PS4 virtual reality headset's first multiplayer title.

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In development at Guerilla, Rigs is a strange blend of basketball and robot mech suits (or rigs) that you sit inside to navigate the pitch. The game pits two teams of three against each other, with the aim of the game to have scored the most goals by the end of the match.

And to score goals you need to fly your rig through the goal in the centre of the map. But there's a catch. You can only score goals whilst in overdrive.

Overdrive can be obtained in two ways: either by taking out three enemies in a row, or collecting the golden coins that litter the maps. You'll need a few of these gold coins to nudge you into overdrive, but when you do you'll need to head for the hoop in the centre of the maps and throw yourself into it.

Now while rig-based basketball might sound a little bit silly, playing it on Project Morpheus actually makes a whole lot of sense. And that's partly down to the presence. As you sit in a chair in the real world, your in-game character is clambering into the huge mechanical rig. You can see the metal hulk of the shell around your neck as you look down, making you feel like you're actually in the suit when you're wearing the Morpheus.

There are actually three different types of rig to grips with. They vary in size, with the tallest equipped with hoops on its back that lets you fly if you double-tap X. There's also a very small, speedy rig that's great for evasion and fitting into small holes, and a medium-height robot all-rounder.

The rigs all feature slightly different weapons, so you'll need to make sure you work out which one is better for you.

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Rigs preview

The controls feel very natural, despite them being mostly located on the Project Morpheus itself. You need to move your head to control the direction you travel in, but also the way you aim. At first, I found it a little disorientating that I had such control with my head within the game, but that sensation quickly evaporated when I scored my first goal.

Taking out a couple of the opposing team members, I started to get a bit more confident, attempting to take out one of the larger enemy rigs with my guns, the controls for which are situated on the PS4's two triggers.

Of course, I was quickly taken out and teleported high above the map. From here you need to overcome your vertigo and look for a green marker on the map that signifies a respawn point with a new rig.

What made my temporary deportation even more irritating was that as I was carried from the battleground, all the golden discs and my kills were left behind. I had to start the map from scratch.

It was then that I realised there are some rig modes that you can use to give yourself a little boost. On the square, triangle and circle buttons you'll find temporary boosts such as speed bumps, increased damage and a very useful shield mode that protects you from oncoming rig fire.

Rigs preview

As the first full Project Morpheus title I've had the chance to experience, Rigs is certainly promising.

The game is already running at a smooth 120Hz 60fps and therefore has no motion blur or naseauting qualities. Guerilla Games has made the wise decision to keep Rigs a seated experience. It actually feels like you're riding around in these mechanical suits.

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Early Verdict

Rigs cleverly uses the experience of sitting in a mechanical suit to deliver a convincing VR experience through Project Morpheus. The co-operative multiplayer is also very accessible. If the main game can live up to this short demo, it's going to amazing.

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