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The 50 top gadgets - £15 to £100

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Christmas 2012 gift guide: the 50 top gadgets

Are you stuck for Christmas present ideas this year? We’ve trawled the net to find the 50 greatest gadgets you should be looking at this Xmas 2012. We start at under £15 and fire all the way up to the £1000 mark, for those who have either too much money or are far too generous.

Already have your perfect Christmas gadget in mind? Drop us a comment with what you’re after.

Prices gadget 4

50. 3D Movie Viewer for iPhone - £12.99

Top 50 gadgets 49

Now here's some exciting gadget tat for your headbox. These glasses will take your iPhone and turn it into a 3D movie theatre, separating what each eye can see. It may give you a headache, but it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a new telly.

49. Arctic Force Crossbow - £24.99

Top 50 gadgets 48

It's all going to end in tears. Icy tears. This snowball-flinger is like the Alaskan version of a supersoaker. It can hurl snowballs up to 80ft. I'll take three snowballs at once too, so you can make three kids cry without having to reload. Awesome.

48. Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip - £26.99

Top 50 gadgets 47

One of the cheapest high-quality MP3 players you can get, this Sandisk MP3 player is one of the last defences against the powerful force of Apple’s MP3 players. Features-wise, it’s much better-equipped than the more expensive iPod shuffle. It has a colour screen, can play lossless files, has expandable memory and louder top volume. It’s a great little package. Read our full Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip review.

47. Braun Oral-B Professional Care 1000 - £28.93

Top 50 gadgets 46

Too lazy to brush your teeth? An electric toothbrush is the best way to avoid looking like a crystal meth addict. Its little head rotates back and forth thousands of times a minute, giving your dentures a great clean in just a couple of minutes. Most cheaper models offer just as good a clean as the more expensive models too.

46. icade 8-bitty wireless gaming controller £29.99

Top 50 gadgets 45

Part of the icase family, which is also home to the icade arcade cabinet, the 8-bitty is a little game controller based on the classic Nintendo NES design. It’s square. It’s blocky. It’s retro-tastic. And it works with iPhones, iPads and Android devices. To find out which games are compatible with it, check out the list on Thinkgeek.

45. Tetris Light - £29.99

Top 50 gadgets 44

Tetris was originally released back in 1984. If you have warm, fuzzy memories of it, there's a good chance that - like us - you're getting on a bit. Maybe you don't get what the kids think is cool these days - and have no idea what the UK grime scene is all about. However, we're going to go out on a limb and say these Tetris Lights are 100 percent cool. You can stack them together just like the old game, and for £30 you get seven separate lit blocks.

44. Drum Machine T-shirt - £29.99Top 50 gadgets 43

Do your friends not think you’re enough of a hipster? Do your trouser legs dare to descend below your ankles? Gain back some hipster cred with the Drum Machine T-shirt. It’s an eight-pad drum machine that you wear, and comes complete with a little amplifier you can attach to your belt. You can even wash the thing too, although we imagine the novelty will wear off long before it starts to pong. Still… WANT.

43. Philips PowerTouch PT720 - £33.99

Top 50 gadgets 42

It's a classic Christmas present, the electric razor. If you disprove of your brother's/boyfriend's/father's facial fluff, one way to get them clean-shaven is with an electric razor like this. It has three heads to give you as close a shave as a brand new Mach 3, without having to fork out for those criminally expensive blades every week or so.

42. Pac-Man Ghost Light - £34.99

Top 50 gadgets 41

If the Tetris light didn't get your retro gaming glands producing dangerous levels of gadget lust hormones, perhaps the Pac-Man Ghost Light will do the trick. It produces a powerful but soft glow, and comes with a remote control that lets you switch the colour of the light - between more than a dozen colours.

41. Star Wars Angry Prime Time AT-AT - £39.99

Top 50 gadgets 40

The biggest mobile gaming brand has teamed-up with one of the most popular film franchises ever – and Angry Birds Star Wars was born. And, as you might guess, there’s no end to the merchandising. One of the coolest bits is the Angry Birds AT-AT walker. If works just like the game, in that you have to setup the walker with a bunch of pigs on top, and try to knock them off using catapulted angry birds.

40. Sennheiser CX 275 - £49.99

Top 50 gadgets 39

A true headphone master, Sennheiser has generally produced a set of cans each year that have generally had a shot at winning our best headphone award – last year the Sennheiser HD 518 won the accolade. They rarely put a foot wrong. The Sennheiseer CX 275 are relatively affordable in-ear headphones with a slightly more stylish look than the Sennheiser norm. They're the perfect upgrade from and in-box pair.

39. Philips Fidelio DS3020 dock - £49.99Top 50 gadgets 38

Ok, so this iPhone dock isn’t much use if you have an iPhone 5, but if you’re back in iPhone 4S land, or have a 4th generation iPod touch, it’s a real winner. It looks cute, it sounds great and it doesn’t cost the earth. You can even pack it full of batteries and use it when out and about. Read our full Philips Fidelio DS3020 review.

38. Arcade Pinball for iPad - £49.99

Top 50 gadgets 37

A gadget that truly deserves the proclamation “that’s freaking awesome”, this is a stand for your iPad that acts as a virtual pinball controller. There’s a plunger and a pair of flipper buttons, plus it holds your iPad at the right angle for some fast-paced pinball action. Yes, it’ll be left gathering dust in a corner five minutes after the wrapping has hit the floor, but we want one.

37. Kobo Mini - £49.99

Top 50 gadgets 36

One of the cheapest good-quality E-ink readers you can get in the UK, the Kobo Mini is worth a look if you’re on the hunt for a Kindle alternative. It’s cute, it’s little, and thanks to its 5-inch screen (Kindles have 6-inch displays), it’ll fit perfectly into most coat pockets. Given it also has a touchscreen, Wi-Fi and an integrated bookstore, we have to question how Kobo got it this cheap. Hmm.

36. Bluetooth Gloves - £49.99

Top 50 gadgets 35

Do you use a handsfree kit but don’t feel quite enough like people think you’re a loony going around talking to yourself? The Bluetooth Gloves are what you need. They incorporate a little speaker and microphone in the end of the fingers, leaving you to quite literally do the phone gesture to make calls.

35. Fitbit Zip - £49.99

Top 50 gadgets 34

Want to make sure your significant other or child doesn’t get too flabby after gorging on turkey for a full week this December? The Fitbit Zip is a fantastic way to encourage a bit of light exercise. It’s a smart pedometer that records how many steps you take in a day. It comes with a little dongle that you plug into a computer – get the Fitbit Zip within a certain range of it and all the data will be sync’d to the cloud over Bluetooth. You can then look at a graph of your progress over the days and weeks.

Prices gadget 3

34. Elgato EyeTV micro and mobile - £59.99

Top 50 gadgets 33

Almost the precise opposite of the Fitbit Zip, the Elgato EyeTV micro and mobile are designed to keep you watching TV rather than exercising, even when you are out and about. It’s a little dongle that plugs into either a 30-pin iOS device or an Android device (depending on whether you go for a micro or a mobile). It comes with its own little aerial receives Freeview telly, and will even let you record programmes.

33. Wii Mini £69.99 TBC

Top 50 gadgets 32

Nintendo is not only bringing out the Wii U this year, it’s also going to release a new version of the good old Wii, called the Wii Mini. It’s a dinkier version of the current Wii, out to sweep up all those casual gaming fans who can’t quite stretch to the £250-odd you have to fork out for the new Wii U. NOTE: we’re not yet sure whether this will arrive pre-Christmas in the UK.

32. LeapPad 2 - £69.99

Top 50 gadgets 31

If you want your kid to grow up to be a big and strong gadget fan, the LeapPad 2 is a good way to start them off. It’s a tablet designed just for kids, and will take rough treatment better than most of the much more expensive “real” tablets out there. A mix of fun and education, it’s a gadget that might even be good for your child. Just don’t blame us when they demand an iPad 5 next year.

31. Amazon Kindle - £69.99

Top 50 gadgets 30

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite makes significant steps forward for the Kindle range, but the classic button model is still here, albeit in a new black suit and with a few tweaked features. There’s still no light and no touchscreen, but the E-ink screen we all love is present and correct, as is that fantastic Amazon Kindle book delivery system. Read our full Amazon Kindle review.

30. Classic Match Foosball for iPad - $99.99

Top 50 gadgets 29

One of the most ambitious iPad accessories yet, and one that’s among the most likely to leave your iPad in a smashed heap on the floor, the Classic Match Foosball table for iPad is simultaneously a fantastic idea and a terrible one. It plugs into a 30-pin iPad (not an iPad 4, sadly) and provides physical controls for a two-player game of table football. It’s designed for use with the decicated Foosball game app.

29. Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad - £72

Top 50 gadgets 28

Back to serious iPad accessories, the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is probably the best iPad keyboard we’ve used. It holds up your iPad for comfortable typing, has great keys and will even protect the tablet screen when not in use. Our only regret is that it’s not ultra-cheap as well as ultra-thin. Read our full Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover review.

28. Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro - £89.99

Top 50 gadgets 27

Mophie makes some of the best power packs out there. And as they’re quality bits of kit, you can be sure they won’t set your house on fire in the middle of the night. The Powerstation Pro is the middleweight contender of the bunch, with 6000mAh capacity – which is enough to charge an iPhone fully more than twice. For an iPad, though, check out the Powerstation Duo. Read our full Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Pro review.

27. Tangent DAB2GO radio - £99.99

Top 50 gadgets 26

The Tangent DAB2GO is a relative newcomer to the DAB radio scene, which is packed full of old timers. It doesn’t offer any snazzy features, but if you’re just after a simple DAB radio for the kitchen, it’s a solid alternative to the Pure Evoke or the tasty – but more expensive – Roberts Revival.

26. Motorheadphones Iron Fist headphones - £99.99

Top 50 gadgets 25

Most musician-branded headphones are linked to rappers rather than rockers, so it’s a refreshing change to see Lemmy and the Motorhead crew on this pair of cans. It’s also refreshing that they sound pretty darn good. Unlike the Beats by Dre. headphones, they’re not overly bassy, with balanced and detailed sound. They’re fairly comfortable too, and feel about as tough as Lemmy is.

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