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Worrying times for HTC as One M9 flops


One M9

HTC looks to be in even more trouble than before as figures point to an incredibly lean April, with disappointing HTC One M9 sales to blame.

The Taiwanese company appeared to be pulling through a lengthy rough patch with decent (if not stellar) sales of the HTC One M8 last year.

However, the release and subsequent underperformance of the HTC One M9 in April appears to have set the company back once again.

According to the Taipei Times, HTC's revenue declined nearly 40 percent to just to NT$13.54 billion in April compared to NT$22.07 billion this time last year. Even more worryingly, its revenue was lower in April than it was in March.

Just to reiterate that last point - HTC made more money in a month where its latest phone had been on the market for almost a year than it did during a month in which it follow-up flagship was first released.

Sure enough, poor demand for the HTC One M9 is being blamed for the drop by analysts. One analyst from Yuanta Securities speculated that "HTC might have underestimated the Qualcomm Inc S810 processor’s thermal issue, and this has resulted in poor reviews and concern from carriers."

Far more important, we'd say, has been the relative strength of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which were released around the same time as the One M9.

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This year is the first in a while in which Samsung's new flagship has won greater critical praise than its rival's to go along with its superior marketing budget, greater production capabilities, and higher popularity with general consumers.

For once, a new Samsung phone is being praised for its design as well as its power and feature list. This is in stark contrast to the HTC One M9, which has been widely criticised for hardly moving forward from the HTC One M8 design.


May 6, 2015, 9:06 am

was in the pub with three M8 (or M7/8 mini) owning friends at the weekend and all of them were complaining how their phones are useless on flat surfaces (prodding, rocking and flipping their phones on the table in demonstration) and how they would never ever recommend that design to anyone...


May 6, 2015, 10:01 am

As an M7 owner....what on earth? Who uses their phone on a flat surface?!


May 6, 2015, 10:06 am

you'd be surprised; I use my Nexus 5 flat on the table at work all the time...

Usually I pick it up and do the "Blackberry Prayer" for typing (saw that phrase years ago and it's too good to not keep using!) but browsing at work I often keep it on the table. If the back was more curved this would be really annoying if it kept rocking back and forth every time I scrolled...


May 6, 2015, 12:24 pm

That is an interesting one, I do seem to do that too but hadn't thought about it. Do you friends have theirs in a case?

Lee Marshall

May 6, 2015, 2:17 pm

I hope this means that HTC will launch the M9 Plus in the UK soon.


May 6, 2015, 2:34 pm

That's really interesting. I don't know anyone who uses a phone flat on the table. Propped on its side to watch something yes, but not typing while flat. I always tend to pick up my phone to do something with it. Only really use it on the table if i'm checking the time and just knocking the HTC works for that. Interesting. New section of reviews "Solid as a rock or does it roll?"


May 6, 2015, 2:48 pm

It's certainly an interesting use-case difference! I have seen a number of other reviews that have slammed the design for rocking about on a table...

Personally I would never go for a design that wobbles when prodding the screen when laid on a flat surface because I use my phone like that a lot at work. This rules out the Samsung S6 as well with it's "let's take the second most important-to-never-scratch surface and make it stick out so it's more likely to get scratched rather than make it flush and pad with extra battery" camera module...

But, obviously, many others would go the other way and prefer something rounded that fits in the palm better when holding.

It was just a funny observation that all of the friends in this group with the same or similar phone absolutely slammed the design because it rocked about on the table!


May 6, 2015, 9:08 pm

Not surprising news. HTC doesn't have the R & D and Marketing budget of some of the smartphone giants. They clearly gambled on the good reputation of the M8 by releasing an incremental upgrade. But those who bought into the M8 are halfway through contracts, so probably won't upgrade early, or if they bought them outright, see no need to upgrade to a device with a problematic processor, a flawed camera, and no 2K screen. And to be honest a new customer seeing the M9 side by side with a S6, S6 Edge, or iPhone 6, will probably view it as an oddity. I like the design, its's kind of retro industrial. But doesn't have that futuristic sleek look that Apple and Samsung have. The stereo speakers are effective, and the best out there, but make the M8/9 taller and more unwieldy. If I worked in a mobile shop for one of the carriers (and was totally honest) then I would recommend the S6 over the M9. And clearly the imminent release of the G4 will hit M9 sales even more. HTC were (are) never going to go head to head with Samsung. That will be Apple's job. But they should be aiming for strong third place sales. Now they are behind LG and will be squabbling with Sony, Microsoft, and Blackberry...for the scraps. Until Huawei steamroll them.


May 7, 2015, 4:43 pm

So you've never seen a bunch of (usually) blokes sat at a meeting/pub/bistro, with their hardware ostentatiously on the table in front of them, on show, occasionally being prodded to check notifications and make them look important? C'mon!

As to my humble self, I often use it as a calculator (plug here for RealCalc App). Flat and stable on the table it is, just like a real calculator. In fact, it's even better than the Casio, which annoyingly does wobble a little.


May 7, 2015, 5:06 pm

"slammed the design because it rocked about on the table"
What, and they didn't figure that before buying it? That is a cause for concern!


May 7, 2015, 5:12 pm

And the bigger these phones get, the more likely using them flat on a table will appeal. As Apple never tired of telling us, they are too big to deploy one-handed. As they belatedly came to realise, most of us solved that problem and didn't care, possibly by using them on a surface?


May 7, 2015, 5:40 pm

you'd be surprised what kinds of "features" you take for granted as being there that you don't think to consider!


May 11, 2015, 9:59 pm

I always pick up my phone, it's just quicker. I've actually been using phones on the table since your comment. Rounded backs are annoying but they feel so much better when you're holding the phone. Hmmmm

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