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Windows 10 Mobile rollout not as widespread as hoped


Lumia support

Windows 10 Mobile is finally rolling out to older Lumia handsets, but list of supported devices is disappointingly short.

As predicted earlier in the month, Microsoft has started supplying the Windows 10 Mobile update to older Windows Phone 8.1 handsets.

However, many users of older handsets have been left out in the cold. Microsoft has supplied a list of supported devices, and there are some fairly major omissions.

There's no space for the Lumia 1020, for example, nor the Lumia 1320 or the Lumia 920. Older phones, yes, but all appear to have the requisite 8GB of storage and 1GB of RAM.

Also ditched, intriguingly, is the Lumia Icon. This may be unfamiliar to European readers, but it's essentially a US network version of the Lumia 930.

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One Microsoft executive has revealed that the Icon is "being considered," but you have to wonder why. Also, there's this news from the Windows Insider Program Twitter account:

In other words, the above list is final. As WinBeta points out, one stat suggests that 50 percent of older Windows Phone users won't be seeing Windows 10 Mobile on their devices, through one reason or other.

Which side of the Windows Phone 8.1 cut are you? Let us know what you think of Microsoft's Windows 10 Mobile rollout in the comments.

Paul Brasington

March 21, 2016, 10:11 am

Although some seem to be seeing this as a broken promise I think it's more to do with Microsoft trying to make sure that it can keep a more important promise - these are the phones it feels it can support with some confidence. I've been using Win10 via the Insider Program on an (unsupported) Lumia 630, and the current version seems eminently usable, though I'm sure it would benefit from a full gb of RAM. But I'm not complaining, because although it's not on the official list it seems to be ok and the option is still there. Contrast this with Android... My aging Nexus 7 (2012) is still nagging me to upgrade from 4.4, which was more or less the promise of having vanilla Android, but I know from unhappy experience that the hardware's not up to it. I don't really blame Google for not supporting older devices forever, but I do blame them for not being honest about it.

Dead Words

March 21, 2016, 11:35 am

I have to wonder why you're omitting so much vital information. You say Microsoft cut all these phones but you never mention WHY Microsoft is cutting these phones.

Dead Words

March 21, 2016, 11:36 am

People have been blaming Microsoft for breaking promises, but Microsoft never actually explicitly promised that they would update every Windows phone, just that they would try to. And now they're being punished for being cautiously optimistic before they knew 100% what was going to be possible.


March 21, 2016, 12:11 pm

Verizon surely must have a role in this, as well. The Icon was, after all, their "flagship" Windows phone at the time. Or are they just sitting on their hands and letting Microsoft take all the heat?

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