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'We can't wait to build games for iOS control pads,' says Infinity Blade creator


iPhone 5S

The games studio responsible for the blockbusting Infinity Blade franchise for iOS is champing at the bit to begin building games optimised for the physical controllers supported in iOS 7.

Chair Entertainment's co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard was a key participant in Apple's iPhone launch event on Tuesday as he unveiled Infinity Blade 3, where he waxed lyrical about the power of the iPhone 5S' A7 processor.

However, while the Infinity Blade series has helped to legitimise touchscreen gaming, offering a near-console quality gameplay and graphical experience, Mustard fancies a stab at creating a mobile game to be played on a traditional pad.

“I cannot wait for the day when we can make a mobile game that’s supported by a more traditional controller,” he told AllThingsD.

“Shadow Complex (for Xbox Live Arcade) wouldn’t be good with touchscreen controls,” Mustard said, before adding that Infinity Blade wouldn't play nice with a control pad.

He added that any mobile game optimised for a control pad would see the company "design the experience from the ground up.”

When iOS 7 was launched back at WWDC in June, a lot was made of its support for third-party, approved games controllers, but the feature wasn't mentioned at the iPhone launch event earlier this week.

Perhaps Apple has something specific up its sleeve for later this year? Whatever the plans, there'll doubtless be an army of devs ready to support the new peripherals.

Infinity Blade 3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on September 20.

Matthew Bunton

September 14, 2013, 10:20 am

This will ensure that the new consoles won't be around for at least 10 years as both had hoped for.

In at least 5 years these tablets will be challenging consoles especially given the rate that the tech is evolving.

I just hope that the tablet games improve in quality and the pay to win games disappear.

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