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Should you buy the Apple Watch Series 2? Head-to-Head


The Apple Watch Series 2 is out now with a brighter screen, faster processor, built-in GPS and waterproofing. But does it make the Apple Watch a must-have smartwatch?

Evan Kypreos (@EvanKypreos) and Richard Easton (@ChocoJetpack) go Head-to-Head debating if the Series 2 is much of an upgradeand whether the new Apple Watch is now the ultimate fitness tracker.

Evan says...

The Apple Watch series 2 is not only a terrific smartwatch, but a great fitness tracker.

The second-generation Series 2 offers a significant upgrade over the original, which I own. The screen is brighter (1000 nits), the new S2 processor makes everything feel snappier, and even the battery life has improved. It's a good two-to-three days before I have to clamber for the charger.

It's one of the best fitness trackers, making use of a range of sensors including a heart rate monitor and GPS. Waterproofing means I can take it swimming, too, which is something I wish I could have done on the original.

It all adds up to a more refined and enjoyable experience. It's not perfect and it's quite pricey, but I'm a big fan of the Apple Watch Series 2 – you should definitely buy it.

Richard says...

Apple is definitely targeting fitness enthusiasts with the Series 2 and while it's a solid smartwatch, there are loads of better fitness tracker and wearables on the market.

Starting from £369, the new Apple Watch is significantly more expensive than other, arguably better fitness trackers. The Garmin Vivosmart HR, for example, is less than a third the price.

There's no doubt the Apple Watch is a great looking watch, and the watchOS 3 software is a joy to use (even if it is still a bit slow), but there are far too many gimmicky features to warrant the high price.

The Series 2 is much better than the original Apple Watch, but it's still not worth the high asking price, in my opinion.

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Thanks for watching and we'll see you next Wednesday with your host Tom Honeyands (@TheTechChap) for another Head-to-Head.


October 20, 2016, 1:21 am

This smart watch is still not very smart in comparison to other smart watches that are currently on the market. The Apple watches face is still off for most of its life, and there is no option to leave the watch face on like other smart watches or regular watches. Also users cannot add watch faces, unlike other smart watches. Even Apples Nike and Hermes watches have different watch faces, but the only way to get a Nike or Hermes watch face, is to purchase another Apple watch. That doesn't seem very smart to me. Well I guess it's smart for Apple, because they will sell more watches.

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