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Thinking of buying a Galaxy S7? You might want to wait a few months


Galaxy S7

Now that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge have been officially announced, we're counting down to the March 11 release date.

But new research from price comparison website Idealo shows that those who wait to pick up Samsung's newest handset will be rewarded with a big saving.

Tracking the price decline of four previous Galaxy models for the six months following their release, Idealo was able to forecast the price decline for the upcoming S7.

Those who wait for three months after the March 11 release will be able to get the S7 for as much as 21% cheaper than the launch price, according to the research.

What's more, those who can restrain themselves for 6 months are set to benefit from a 28% saving.

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 handset can be pre-ordered for £569, while the S7 Edge will cost you £639 to pre-order.

Consumer Affairs editor for the site, Katy Phillips, said: "Nine years on from the emergence of the contemporary smartphone, we are seeing a division in the consumer behaviour towards new smartphone purchases – on one side we have the tech addicts who will queue up overnight and pay whatever it costs to be among the first to get their hands on a new device.

"On the other side, there are increasing numbers of savvy consumers, who want the newest smartphones, without it costing over the odds.

"Just because high-end smartphones arrive with a hefty initial price tag, a little patience means there is no need to compromise on specification.”

Aside from the price forecast, Idealo also took a look at some statistics for the previous Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge models.

The graphic below is a nice summation of the findings, but most interesting is the decline in interest for the S6 Edge following the launch of both models.

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Will you be waiting to pick up the Galaxy S7? Let us know in the comments.


February 26, 2016, 12:19 pm

The price falls away because sales peak in the first few months of a phones launch... who wants an "old" model - especially as they are often bought on 2 year contracts... by the end of it the phone will be nearly 3 years old and very much looking its age... not what "flagship" buyers want to be seen with


February 26, 2016, 1:59 pm

Typical of the rest (non-apple), failing to maintain the integrity of the brand. Flagship should be flagship, in both price, performance and perception.

The Galaxy brand is a mess, the UI overlay is aweful, it can take 5-10 seconds on my S6 to bring up the keyboard, so it is already laggy and needs a factory reset. Too much bloatware and background apps.

so of the 3 P's i mention;
Price - keep it high, if you want a flagship you should want to pay for it, in the long term it will stop people delaying and perhaps considering other cheaper phones. Price should not be a consideration and one it is, then you struggle to convince people it is worthwhile.

Performance - Headline figures are great and all, but i find that TouchWhizz is lagging on me. if the app is worthwhile, people will go look for it.

Perception - if i perceive it to be premium, then i will pay premium price. If the Price tends to drop off, then i perhaps don't perceive it to be as premium as an iPhone. If there are complaints about performance, then the same.

So in summation, i am going to wait... a long long long time before considering Samsung again...


February 26, 2016, 2:41 pm

I will wait at least 3 months. It's not because of the price issue, I just want to be sure that S7 is properly tested and all its weak points are known. Three months should be sufficient in this case, I think.


February 26, 2016, 3:48 pm

" it can take 5-10 seconds on my S6 to bring up the keyboard"
Really?! How do you get it to behave like that? I only have the Note 4, before that I had the original Note, I've played about with an S3 and an S6. But never in all my time have I seen it take 5-10 seconds for the keyboard to appear. Never. Honest.
As to the price, that is not really up to Samsung to decide. If they want to sell them in the numbers they want, they have to take what the market will pay. I think you have your argument about price and perception the wrong way about - if the product maintains its perceived value then it will maintain its price. I don't think Samsung is reducing the price just to spite you.


February 26, 2016, 4:03 pm

I tend to buy when the next model is a known item, all the rumours are out and it is on its way. That way I pay bottom dollar for what is still the current flagship, and I already know what I will be "missing out on" with the next model, so the pain is less. Once all the fanfare of the new launch has faded, I pretty much forget what the differences were anyway.

CJ Cline

February 26, 2016, 6:00 pm

I just pre ordered mine from Verizon yesterday, got $100 off the price and ill be using Edge payments for it as well. So as such, I think the price i'm paying for it is perfectly fine. The sucky part is though, that since I called them to order it so I didn't accidently get charged for crap I already have ordering online, I wont get the free VR Headset. it sucks, but owell.. better than accidently getting charged for services I already have.

Either way i'm glad I waited though.. I have the S5 and I didn't get the S6 due to it not being waterproof or having SD Card options, both of which the S7 resolves. So all in all I'm glad I waited to upgrade.


February 26, 2016, 8:17 pm

Struggling with the price of these 'flagship' phones when you can get a Moto X Style for £300 inc VAT - You must really want to keep up with the Joneses.


February 27, 2016, 11:40 am

Well, it is not much pleasure just keeping the money in the bank I suppose, let each decide how to spend theirs. I did buy a proper UK S6 for Christmas at £350 in VAT. That gives them a few months in the sun before the S7 eclipses it, and yeah, I also think that is a better deal than paying list on day one. But I'm not everyone.

John H

September 11, 2016, 6:26 am

I'm still waiting for a price reduction in the UK. It's now September and I haven't seen the price come down at all.


September 11, 2016, 9:23 am

you need to shop around then... because it can be had for £150 below the launch price... some places keep to the rrp because they also do plan sales - although the price of those price plans tend to slip down a notch 6 months in... with the problems samsung has with the note 7 they may also want to keep the price higher on the s7 at the moment too... add into that the problems with hanjin, where their sudden bankruptcy has left up to $14bil worth of cargo at sea (including samsungs) as the port fees can't be paid by any docking ship.... be careful when buying online though as not all phones offered will be the uk spec one or have the same lte cat for data speeds

John H

September 11, 2016, 5:34 pm

I suppose I'm looking for "mainstream" suppliers - I bought my S5 from Amazon and suspect it's a "grey import" as it sometimes defaults to Chinese. I have seen prices below £500 (my current maximum) but suspect they are not the British version of the phone. Ideally I would buy from John Lewis but their price remains rather high.


September 30, 2016, 4:54 am

I struggle since a tablet with more screen and same features are so much less.

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