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Sony prices up its new HMZ-T2 3D personal viewing headset


Sony HMZ-T2
Wanna be like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek? It’ll cost you about £600, give or take...

Sony has revealed a price for the HMZ-T2, the new version of its 3D personal viewing headset.

It will cost 70,000 yen in Japan and goes on sale there in mid October. In UK pounds at the current exchange rate, that’s equal to about £560. Prices and release dates for other regions are yet to be revealed.

As Engadget reports, the price is slightly higher than the earlier model released last year but this edition, which was announced at IFA recently, does have a few upgraded specs.

The T2 version weighs less, it has a newly designed headstrap for better comfort, earbuds are supplied instead of headphones, there’s a “Clear Panel Drive” feature to optimise fast moving content and support for the 24p cinema frame rate as used on Blu-ray Discs.

Sony HMZ-T2

Sony will next be showing off the headset at the Tokyo Game Show on 20-23 September 2012.

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September 19, 2012, 12:50 am

The HMZ T2's are way too expensive £560.00
I've been waiting patiently for these to arrive and know they have Sony have gone way over the top with the price , don't you guys know there's a economic problem going on at the moment.
The wife said she would treat me to a pair for Christmas but you know what , out of principle I'm just gonna wait a little longer and get the
(Oculus Rift) these are for gaming but when released they will support DVD and probably most video outputs. And there 3D.

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