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LG G Watch leaks again ahead of release

Luke Johnson


LG G Watch

The Android Wear powered LG G Watch has been spotted in the wild ahead of its expected release later this month.

Despite having been officially announced by the Korean manufacturer earlier this year, firmed up LG G Watch specs are still widely unclear.

The first smartwatch to run Google’s new wearable-specific OS, the LG G Watch has been shown prompting a user to ‘install Android Wear on your phone’.

This teased image suggests that Android Wear watches – such as the Motorola Moto 360 – will require users to have a dedicated parent app installed on their Android powered handsets.

Unlike the Samsung Gear 2, the LG G Watch will be compatible will all manner of Android smartphones, irrespective of their manufacturer.

Having been confirmed to be heading for a Q2 release – so by the end of this month – the techy timepiece is expected to be one of the focal points of Google’s I/O conference next week.

With Google set to discuss its Android Wear platform in greater detail, the LG G Watch will reportedly act as the demo device for much of the search and software giant’s presentation.

With just days left for the G Watch to achieve its promised Q2 arrival, it is believed that the smartwatch could go on sale immediately after its Google I/O showing.

Although the leaked image suggests that the G Watch has a distinct bluish tinge to its square, touchscreen display, we expect – and hope – that this is a quirk of the leaked image rather that a disappointing flaw.

Also shown in the teased picture is the G Watch connected by a micro USB port on its left side. Given the watch has been shown to feature a proprietary charging port on its rear; we believe the device is actually sporting a slimline – and unseen - dock on its rear.

Recently leaked LG G Watch specs have claimed the Sony SmartWatch 2 rival will boast a 280 x 280p, 1.65-inch display aboard a 10mm thick body and rubberised strap.

Said to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the watch will also reportedly run a 400mAh Lithium-polymer battery to bring a 36 hour standby time to the 61g wearable.

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Via: PhoneArena


June 19, 2014, 10:32 pm

Oh look, another ugly smart watch, just what I've been waiting for. Hopefully Motorola's upcoming 360 will decimate the market and send all these clowns back to the drawing board.

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