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Is this the iPhone 5?


Apple iPhone 5 3
Apple iPhone 5

Photos of what is believed to be the upcoming iPhone 5 have just emerged. Sent to mac specialist site, 9to5mac.com, by an unnamed tipster, they seem to show the new phone will see a return to the curved back of previous models.

With the launch of the iPhone 5 expected within the next couple of months, we're sure to see more and more dodgy photos and other rumours and leaks appearing but this is the first reasonably sound evidence we've yet seen of what the latest Apple handset may look like. The grainy pictures, which were caught by a tipster travelling on what appears to be a train in San Francisco, show a man holding what is clearly an iPhone, or iPhone knock off, of some sort.

Apple iPhone 5 3

The tipster told 9to5mac that he got a good look and, being familiar with iPhones, confirmed it wasn't an existing model. However, it proved rather more difficult to get a clear snap to show this.

Apple iPhone 5

What we can glean from the photos and what has been said is that, if this device proves to be an iPhone 5, then we can expect the latest Apple smartphone to have ditched the square metal sides of the iPhone 4. Given the furore over that phone's signal problems, this probably isn't a surprise. The new phone also appears to have a volume rocker similar to old iPhones, rather than the separate round buttons of the iPhone 4.

Apple iPhone 5 2

These latest photos also tie in with other leaks we've seen like the above showing a case rumoured to fit the new iPhone

According to the tipster, the phone also appeared thinner than even the iPhone 4, had a curved back, a larger screen and no home button, all of which ties in with previous reports we've heard. The lack of a second lens on the back would also seem to confirm it won't have a 3D capable camera.

Apple iPhone 5 1

Another leak from MobileFun.co.uk shows an apparent mock up of the device for use in desiging cases

The one thing we can't help but ponder is why Apple would let any of its employees use a new iPhone in public without some sort of disguising case, which given how thin this model apparently was, is unlikely to be the case here. Clearly it's all still very tenuous at the moment but there does appear to be something of a pattern forming with rumours we've seen so far.

So what do you think of this latest titbit? Excited by the prospect of a larger screen? Miffed by the apparent lack of 3D? Mourning the loss of those square sides? Let us know in the comments.


July 29, 2011, 9:36 pm

The problem is they pretty much nailed the design first time. Much bigger than the iPhone 3G and it gets ungainly, much smaller and the screen isn't any use. Much thinner and it starts to feel insubstanial, much fatter and it is cumbersome. There's a reason all smartphones look pretty similar to the original iPhone.

Unless they go down the Macbook Air route and make the whole thing out of machined aliminium I'm not going to rush to get one based on the styling.

So the real question is what will the USP be on the internals. Because if there is nothing substantial beyond the looks I expect most iPhone users will stick with their existing models.


July 30, 2011, 1:44 am

The best thing about the iPhone 4 is the build quality. The glass/metal construction & the weight really gives it a quality feel that exceeds any other phone - it really is a nice thing to hold. Ok, so it makes it fragile, it's uncomfortable to speak on & it upsets the reception, all of which somewhat unhelpful in a phone, but in terms of pure design & manufacture it's yet to be beaten.


August 1, 2011, 1:38 am

Sorry - that sounds a too much like apple fanboyism - I apologise! What I meant to get across, is that build quality means alot to some people, and those people are disappointed when other manufacturers release powerful phones in cheap creaky plastic cases, whereas apple seem to understand the ergonomics of the hardware (and software for that matter).


August 1, 2011, 1:37 pm

@ChrisC: Sorry - that sounds a too much like apple fanboyism

No need to be sorry, anyone who says anything good about Apple is seen as a fanboy, even when in the same sentence you point out the bad things.

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