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iPhone 6S could see Apple return to ‘blockbuster launches’

Luke Johnson


iPhone 6S could see Apple return to ‘blockbuster launches’

The Apple Watch is set to go on sale this Friday, April 24, although no Apple stores will be stocking the eagerly awaited wearable.

Despite seemingly spelling the end for the Cupertino-based company’s high-profile product launches – a trademark of the brand – according to Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail and Online Stores, this is far from the end of week-long queues outside the company’s brick and mortar outlets.

Speaking in a new video message to retail employee’s, Ahrendts has explained how the Apple Watch launch is a ‘unique’ event, stressing that the company will return to “iconic, blockbuster launches” in the near future.

“It’s a new way of working, it’s a new way of doing things but this is not going to be forever,” she told Apple staff. “This is a unique time for us right now with these two new products that we’re launching.”

In the video (via AppleInsider), she adds: “We love our iconic, blockbuster launches that we do in the stores and have absolutely no fear, you will see those [again].”

Despite failing to mention any specific products, Ahrendts comments suggest that Apple’s next big product launch, will see the trademark day-one queues return.

Based on a flurry of recent reports, Apple's next high-profile release will be September’s much mooted iPhone 6S introduction

“This is just a very unique situation,” she added. “The Watch is an entirely new category, it is much more personal. With all of the different options, we wanted the customer to work with you, to take the time to get the one they wanted.

“By doing it online, we can make sure we can get them the one they want efficiently.”

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With strong demand far outstripping the limited availability of Apple’s first wearable, the company will not offer in store available on the device’s day of release.

Instead, April 24 will mark the time when the first Apple Watch pre-orders start to be honoured.

Not everyone will be getting their LG G Watch R challenger just yet, however. Within minutes of pre-orders having opened on April 10, estimated shipping times had already slipped to June.


April 22, 2015, 11:12 am

I suspect the method they are using for selling apple watches (display only in store, online order only) is mostly because apple arent sure how well the apple watch will sell, so having it online only would mean they can scale back on the production/distribution costs and wait to see if the public take to the product.

iPhones/iPads they can be sure will sell so expect to see "blockbuster" launches and queues outside their stores


April 22, 2015, 12:03 pm

The watch is not going to sell in anywhere near the numbers that the iPhone does. They know that, and they know that when there no queues, or queues of only a handful of people, those handful will look like saddos and the launch will be deemed a dud.

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