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iPad Pro case leak highlights just how big it will be


iPad Pro case

An alleged iPad Pro case leak appears to give new insight into the sheer enormity of Apple's heavily rumoured super-sized tablet.

There have been numerous leaks and snippets of information surrounding the so-called iPad Pro over the past few months, with various third party case leaks appearing to point to key features.

For example, back in January, one particular case leak appeared to confirm reports that the 12.2-inch tablet would have four speakers.

Now a new iPad Pro case shot has hit the internet through French website Nowhereelse, and it seems to illustrate how big the new tablet will be compared to current offerings.

The case has been snapped in various poses with the iPad Air 2, which is Apple's current full-sized tablet champ. As you can see, when the Air 2 is sat inside the case, there's a huge amount of space left over.

As pointed out by BGR, the French website previously claimed that the iPad Pro's dimensions would be 305.7 x 222.6 x 7.2 millimetres, but there's nothing like a good comparative photo to really drive home a device's size.

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Otherwise, these new case shots appear to confirm the suggestion that the iPad Pro will feature a true stereo sound set-up, with openings for four speakers, one near each corner.

We also see an opening on the left side of the device which could be a Lightning port, or could even by a MacBook-like USB-C port.


April 20, 2015, 11:20 am

How far apple has fallen from the tree. Although this item is about the possible new size of the ipad pro, I find it amazing how apple is now just like all the other mainstream manufactures with their non stop production of so many items and in between items of the same size. The ipad is not a laptop replacement and is not geared up for business but if you want just a larger size browsing screen at a stupid high cost well you know what to do or purchase a Surface or Pro 3 or the new 4 when they come out that way you get a tablet, light, powerful full OS PC for less and more storage facilities. The only draw back if you can live with it is it does not have a bling bling apple logo on it and it will do all an ipad cannot.

Just when you get the ipad this or ipad that then a few months later its the new ipad this or that then its the new ipad retina this thinner that and the year has not even finished! Pathetic. The company has gone back on it's very own mission and philosophy and is now just a churn out tech company with a twist.

For the brain washed crowd they have to be the designer bling of tech so they demand stupid dumb high prices and the mass will want that because shallow is the new deep what superb sublime marketing!

Apologies for the rant.


April 20, 2015, 8:02 pm

It will be interesting to see how Apple spec this tablet. Because if it does everything a Macbook Air does then...well...why would you buy a Macbook Air? And if it doesn't do everything a Macbook Air does...then...what is the point?

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