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iOS 7 game controller plans confirmed by Apple, partnering with Logitech and Moga

Sam Loveridge


iOS 7 game controller plans confirmed by Apple, partnering with Logitech and Moga

Apple has confirmed that it will release licensed iOS 7 game controllers via Logitech and Moga, revealing its plans during a WWDC session.

The Curpertino company has held a 45-minute long WWDC session dedicated to its upcoming iOS 7 game controllers, showcasing hardware mock-ups and outlining best practice guidelines.

Entitled “Integrating with Game Controllers”, Apple’s WWDC session revealed how serious the company is about producing licensed game controllers for its new iOS 7 operating system and confirmed they will be made by Logitech and Moga.

Apple speakers during the session offered a comprehensive guide helping developers to code their games for the iOS 7 controllers.

Two iOS 7 game controller concepts were outlined earlier this week, but Apple actually provided hardware example designs during the WWDC session. The first is a called a the “form-fitting extended gamepad” that wraps around an iPhone or iPod Touch that features the standard array of console gamepad buttons, D-pad, shoulder buttons and dual analog sticks.

The second option is the “standalone extended gamepad” that is not connected to the device in any way and could perhaps be used for iPad iOS 7 gaming. It has the same button layout as the “form-fitting” option but includes player indicator LEDs, meaning the device could support multiplayer gaming, akin to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Handily, both controller options feature a pause button for quick access to the start menu of iOS games.

Apple also outlined that both iOS 7 controller models will have pressure-sensitive, analogue sticks without a dead zone, non-drifting D-pads and fast button response times.

An iOS 7 release date has been scheduled for some time this autumn, compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 devices along with iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iPad mini. The 5th-generation iPod Touch will also be compatible with the new operating system.

Device specifications and accompanying APIs for the iOS 7 game controllers will be ready in time for the iOS 7 release later this year.

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Via: AppleInsider


June 14, 2013, 2:40 pm

Hmm, what about the games that run in portrait mode for the form fitting controller.


June 14, 2013, 5:11 pm

With game controllers like these, Apple is showing that it is getting serious about gameplay on iOS devices... and this makes sense, considering how many billions of dollars users have been spent on iOS games, and the increasingly high quality and variety of games that are available.

This not only points to Apple getting more serious about mobile gaming on iOS, but also on home console gaming. XBox and PS3/4 users may snicker at that notion, but there are a few facts to consider...

1) Combine these iOS game controllers with Airplay and Apple TV, and you have a home gaming console.

2) It makes sense that the next generation Apple TV will include a faster processor, more RAM, and either expandable or SSD storage. Combine that with the addition of the iTunes Store (remember that Apple TV is running a modified version of iOS), and you have a console that can store and run games (as well as other apps), and can work either using AirPlay with an iOS mobile device or it can work directly with standalone gamepads (you won't need to have your iOS mobile device present to play games).

Considering this move by Apple to introduce iOS game controllers, it is logical that the Apple TV is heading in this direction. It would be illogical to think that it isn't.

Getting back to PS3/4 and XBox users, they may laugh at the idea of Apple TV and iOS devices being any competition for their consoles. It's extremely unlikely that even a next-generation Apple TV would have anything close to the processing power of the PS3/4 and XBox. But...

... For anyone other than the most serious gamers, that extra processing power is not all that important. What is important is that the hundreds of millions of iOS device users (currently approaching 600 Million!) will be able to play the games they bought and love playing on their home HDTV using gamepads.

Given the fact that billions of game downloads have already been bought by iOS mobile device users, being able to play those games on the big screen at home using gamepads is something that they would jump at.

The additional incentive (the icing on the cake) is that iOS games cost a small fraction of the expensive prices of PS3/4 and XBox game titles... And the Apple TV costs only $99 which again is only a small fraction of the price of PS3/4 and XBox consoles.

Over the past ten years, Apple has made very big and profitable businesses from selling Music, Movies, TV shows, Books, OS X apps, and iOS apps. Now it looks like the next big thing is going to be Gaming.

This is going to be interesting!

Hugh Bear

June 17, 2013, 12:37 am

I plug an Xbox360 controller into my Motorola Xoom to play GTA - this should work with any Android tablet with USB On The Go support. I posted, then you read this, why?

Matthew Bunton

September 14, 2013, 12:41 am

Well its about time.

Touch screen gaming is terrible and game pads will surely make Apple more of a gaming contender.

Ian Hawley

September 19, 2013, 10:50 am

This is a pre-amble to unleashing Apple TV as a micro-console. The indie community have been expecting for it for years. I presume this is about getting controller capable games into the store prior to launch. The only thing they need to do now is help provide a proving ground for 720/1080; aspect ratios.


October 10, 2013, 9:58 am

Much needed. Looking forward to FINALLY playing the bigger games like Final Fantasy series with a Moga controller

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