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HTC takes a dig at the Galaxy S6 during Uh Oh announcement

Luke Johnson


Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung is partial to taking the odd public jibe at its rivals, but now its on the receiving end as HTC lays into the Galaxy S6.

With the HTC One M9 and Galaxy S6 having been unveiled on the same day earlier this month, the Taiwanese manufacturer has now taken the opportunity to poke fun at some of the perceived weaknesses of its lead, Android-powered rival.

Speaking during the launch of HTC Uh Oh, the company’s new damaged smartphone replacement scheme, President of HTC America, Jason MacKenzie, has laid into the Galaxy S6’s battery and storage shortcomings.

“You’ve seen us do things where our competitors went the opposite way,” MacKenzie said while discussing the M9.

He added: “We actually increased our battery capacity by 10 per cent from the M8 to the M9 and kept the SD card slot because we still believe people want long battery life and they also want to use our phones for entertainment.

“We’ve got an SD card slot so if you’re into movies or TV shows on your phone we’ve got a great solution for you.”

Although failing to mention the Galaxy S6 by name, it’s pretty clear where Mackenzie’s thinly veiled dig was aimed.

Where the Galaxy S5 featured a 2800mAh Lithium-Ion battery and microSD expansion, the S6 has moved to a smaller, non-removable 2550mAh power supply and the option of 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage options.

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Running a 2840mAh battery, the HTC One M9 specs sheet sees a 5-inch, 1080p Full HD display line up alongside Qualcomm’s latest 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor and 3GB of RAM.

Further feature enhancements on the M9 include the move to a 20.7-megapixel primary camera and a Sense 7 skinned take on Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS.

Jason Henderson

March 18, 2015, 6:38 pm

Sure but the S6 processor uses 50% less battery and the S6 batter charges super fast. You get 4 hours use for 10 minute charge. Extra SD card is not needed with an option for 128 gig card and you get 100 gig free cloud with the phone. Extra SD cards will be a thing of the past in the next 2 years.


March 18, 2015, 9:53 pm

S6 Edge or M9? Not a difficult choice for me - easily the S6 Edge:

- absolutely beautiful unique design
- love the choice of colours (blue is my favourite) which adds individuality
- fingerprint sensor (that actually works this time)
- much better camera including slow motion
- nifty night clock
- wireless charging
- wide compatibility of Samsung Pay
- those curved edges
- those curved edges
- those curved edges :-)

This just WORKS and works well.

Not bothered by the non-removable battery given the turbo charging. Portable battery chargers are also ten a penny. Also as long as it lasts a day, that's fine by me. Not bothered by the lack of MicroSD cards (which are slow anyway, even the high speed ones).

The only real downer is the price.


March 18, 2015, 11:12 pm

I agree on the battery, and I agree that SD cards will be a thing of the past (on phones at least) in the near future, but now they are very useful. Sure, I can get the phone with 128gb of storage, but that will likely cost $200 more than the 32gb version. I can get a 128gb for $50. While they are slower, they are plenty fast enough for media and data storage. So I can save $150 and get ab additional 32gb of storage!


March 19, 2015, 12:20 pm

You have to love the sniping going on between the big guns here. For my money the micro SD card slot is a plus point for the M9, the extra battery capacity less so. While for the S6 the QHD screen and camera OIS are plus points. And not long to wait now for proper comparison reviews and benchmarks. For a lot of people (myself included) who are halfway through a contract cycle, its largely irrelevant. And of course if you are an Android fan as opposed to a HTC or Samsung fan then you will probably be waiting to see what the G4 and Z4 bring to the table.

Jason Henderson

March 20, 2015, 5:11 pm

You forget that you are also getting 115 Gigs free cloud storage from this phone. so that is cheaper than your SD card 32g version + 115g free storage = 147g for the price of the 32g phone.

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