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15 Best Smartphones and Mobile Phones 2015

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What’s the world’s best smartphone in 2015? It's hard to pick just one, but you can't go wrong with any of our 15 best mobile phones in 2015.

Our list includes the best phones at every size price, including the very cheapest phones to one of the phone's of the moment, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. In our most recent update, we've removed five phones – including the Asus Zenfone 5 and Lumia 830 – that we feel are now past their best compared to the latest phones.

Entering the list are the Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and HTC One M9 – the latest flagship phones from two the market's biggest brands. There's currently just one Windows Phone in our round-up, though, and while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus make the cut, neither the iPhone 5S nor the iPhone 5C do. Another high-profile absentee is the Nexus 6, though it's worth considering if you want a pure Android experience direct from Google.

Hit the 'Next' arrow above or click here to browse our best smartphone list now – our round-up is split into affordable phones, top-of-range phones and those that are coming soon.

Read on for more advice on what to consider when buying a new phone.

Best Smartphones – TrustedReviews Recommends

We’ve split our best smartphone round-up into three categories: the best entry-level and mid-range phones that are more affordable; the best flagship phones that have all the latest features; and upcoming smartphones that are coming soon and are worth waiting for.

Note: Contract prices from Carphone Warehouse. SIM-free prices from the cheapest reputable retailer. Prices correct as of 31/03/2015.

Best Smartphones 2015 – Entry-level and Mid-range

You'll find that entry-level and mid-range phones are often powered by similar processors. Spending more won't get you a faster phone, but what it will get you is nicer design, a better screen or camera and other extra features.

Motorola Moto E 2 2015 – From £11 a month or £109 SIM-free

4.5-inch phone with 4G and great battery life

Moto G 2014 – From £14.50 a month or £139.99 SIM-free

5-inch smartphone with excellent battery life and 4G

Nokia Lumia 735 – From £14 a month or £185 SIM-free

4.7-inch mobile that’s great for selfies

Huawei Ascend G7 – From £18.50 a month or £199 SIM-free

5.5-inch smartphone with a great camera and class-leading battery life

OnePlus One – £229 SIM-free

5.5-inch mobile that's perfect for enthusiasts

Honor 6 – £239

5-inch smartphone that delivers brilliant performance

Best Smartphones 2015 – The Flagship Phones

These flagship phones are the very best out there. In most cases you pay a little more for the pleasure of owning them, but you won't regret buying any of these great phones. LG G3 – From £26.50 a month or £285 SIM-free

5.5-inch smartphone with a stunning QHD screen

HTC Desire EYE – From £26.50 or £350 SIM-free

5.2-inch water-resistant smartphone that’s built for selfies

Huawei Ascend Mate 7 – £399 SIM-free

A giant 6-inch smartphone that’s great for gamers

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – From £38 a month or £479 SIM-free

5.7-inch smartphone with a lovely QHD screen and a stylus

iPhone 6 – From £38 a month or £539 SIM-free

4.7-inch smartphone with excellent performance and a fingerprint scanner

HTC One M9 – From £37.50 a month or £579.99 SIM-free

5-inch smartphone with a gorgeous all-metal design

Samsung Galaxy S6 – From £39.50 a month or £599.99 SIM-free

5.1-inch mobile with a 5.1-inch, QHD screen

iPhone 6 Plus – From £43.50 a month or £619 SIM-free

5.5-inch smartphone with a good screen and excellent battery life

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – From £43.50 a month or £695 SIM-free

5.1-inch smartphone with class-leading performance and an awesome camera

Best Smartphones Coming Soon in 2015

All these phones are due for release in the coming weeks and months. You may want to wait for these new models to come about before buying, particularly if you want the latest phone available.

Sony Xperia Z4 – Due in August

Expected in autumn

LG G4 – Due in June/July

Expected in the summer

Best Smartphone Buying Guide

That's our list of the best smartphones right now, but what should you look for when buying a new phone? Here are a few pointers to get you started.

How much should you spend on a new smartphone?

While flagships seem to be getting more expensive by the year, laying your hands on a good smartphone is actually cheaper than ever. By all means splash the cash on a show-stopper like the iPhone 6 or HTC One M9 if you want to, but bear in mind that some crackers like the the 4G-enabled Motorola Moto E (2015) cost less than £100 on pay-as-you-go and only slightly more SIM-free.

Another example, the LG G3 – TrustedReviews Phone of the Year in 2014 – is now available for less than £300 SIM-free. It's half the price of some other flagship phones. It’s still just as good now as it was last year, so it’s a great way to get top-end features at a lower price. Don’t assume you have to spend big on the latest and greatest.

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What size smartphone should you buy?

Large-screened mobiles are very much in demand these days, with even Apple embracing phablet fever. Phones measuring in at 5.5 inches and above can be considered as such, and are usually blessed with excellent displays that are great for watching videos and playing games on.

Anything between 4.5 and 5.1 inches is more practical for fingers and pockets, while still good for browsing the web, gaming and more. 4-inch smartphones, meanwhile, are ideal for children and users who aren’t fussed about games and videos. If you're unsure what's best for then a 5-inch is a good size for most people.

Other things to consider

You might consider extra features to be like the sprinkles on top of a cake, but they’re far more important than that. Things like microSD card slots, NFC, fingerprint scanners and water-resistance can dramatically affect the overall user experience of a smartphone. For more on these, and further buying advice, read our Mobile Phone Buyer’s Guide.

Android vs iPhone vs Windows: Which is best?

The smartphone world is notoriously divisive, with Apple-worshipping ‘fanboys’ on one end of the spectrum and Android-obsessed ‘phandroids’ on the other. The smaller Windows Phone OS has similarly militant supporters who don’t yet have a collective name, and you should ignore all of them.

We’ve explained the main advantages and disadvantages of each of the three main mobile operating systems below.

Buy an Android smartphone if…

…you want a wide range of options. The Android operating system offers a better balance of variety and affordability than its rivals, due to the sheer diversity of Android smartphone manufacturers. Some flagship models, like the LG G3, are available for less than £300, while you can also find something less flashy but equally excellent for less than £150.

In Google Play, Android has the largest selection of apps and games too, but there’s a lot of rubbish mixed in with the good stuff. Overall, it’s a great operating system and it’s certainly the best option if you’d rather not spend big money on a shiny new smartphone.

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Buy an iPhone if…

…money is no object. iPhones are the most expensive smartphones you can buy, and the last-generation iPhone 5S will still set you back close to £500. However, design is always on-point, meaning that the iPhone is as much gadget as it is fashion item.

Apple’s App Store isn’t quite as populated as Google Play, but its restrictions are tighter, meaning that the overall quality of iOS games and apps is higher than what you’ll find on Android. It’s also a great option if you own other Apple gadgets, like MacBooks and iPads, as the tightly integrated services make life easy.

Buy a Windows Phone smartphone if…

…you value consistency in style. Windows Phone mobiles are instantly recognisable, thanks to the use of a single design blueprint. They’re all angular with clean corners and edges, and the choice of colours you get is far more vibrant and exciting than what you’ll find elsewhere. What’s more, there are a lot of cheap Windows Phone models available.

Unfortunately, the Windows Phone app store is tiny in comparison to those of Android and iOS. There are hundreds of thousands of apps and games available, but some favourites like Snapchat and Citymapper are still nowhere to be seen.

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Microsoft plans to bring out a new version of its operating system in the coming months, so it’s worth waiting to see what that brings before buying.

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