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Best Mobile Phones 2014: 10 Best Smartphones You Can Buy

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Best smartphones, mobile phones, phones. Whatever you call them they all share the same thing. They’re the hottest kind of tech. They sell millions, and make billions and there's plenty more to come in 2014, but which should you choose if you're buying right now? We pick our top ten rated handsets to look out for.

Last Update: 17/09/2014

First you need to decide which operating system you want to go with. You have the choice of the iPhone and its easy to use iOS mobile operating system, an huge number of Android phones powered by Google, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8.1 and BlackBerry 10, though sadly no current Windows Phone or Blackberry phone makes our top 10.

iOS offers the best apps and games, Android the most fiddling potential. Windows Phone 8 is the slickest and BlackBerry 10 is on hand for those who want something a bit different.

2013 was another big year for smartphones with the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S joining the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Android phone greats like the Sony Xperia Z1 and Nexus 5 as standout newcomers. We should of course not forget about the TrustedReviews Product of the Year the Motorola Moto G that proved you can deliver a smartphone with high-end specs at an affordable price.

In 2014, we've already seen the HTC One M8, the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the recent arrival of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as Apple stakes its claim to be top of the smartphone pile. We also expect to see more from mobile operating systems like Firefox OS, Samsung's Tizen and Sailfish by Finnish company Jolla packed into handsets.

Which would you pick from the current bunch? Rifling through the phone reviews that get the TrustedReviews seal of approval, these are our picks of the best mobile phones you can buy right now.

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