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Best Dishwasher 2017: 5 Best Dishwashers You Can Buy

Andy Vandervell


A great dishwasher is a gift sent from heaven to make your dirty dishes sparkling clean after every meal. Our Best Dishwasher Round-up includes four of the best we’ve tested.

Every machine in this round-up has been fully put through its paces by our dedicated team. We know how much water all the machines use in their main and eco modes, how much power they use, and how well they clean everything from dried-on breakfast cereal to stubborn oil and grease. We know exactly how loud they are when they're rumbling away in your kitchen too.

Read on for more advice on what to look for and to discover how we test dishwashers, or scroll further to cut straight to our favourite dishwashers.

Best Dishwasher Buying Guide

There are a few varieties of dishwashers. The most common are freestanding dishwashers that are 60cm wide, though there are also slimline dishwashers that are just 45cm wide that are good for small flats. Integrated dishwashers come in similar sizes, but are designed to blend in with your kitchen cabinetry. There also compact dishwashers that sit on the tabletop like a microwave, which are useful if you don’t have space for anything bigger.

Each type gives you a little flexibility depending on your needs, but here are a few more things worth knowing about before buying a new dishwasher.


Dishwasher capacity is measured by place setting – a single place setting consists of ten items of various sizes. A 60cm freestanding dishwasher typically takes 11 to 15 place settings. Slimline dishwashers typically hold 8 to 10 place settings and compact dishwashers around 8 to 10 place settings.

Adjustable racks

Another consideration is plate size. Not all dishwashers can take the largest plates, but some have adjustable racks to accommodate plates as big as 31.5cm in diameter. Check the maximum size a machine can take against your largest plates before buying.

Fold down prongs

This is a great feature to have. Fold down prongs make it much easier to load large pots and pans when you don’t have any plates to clean. Cheaper machines tend not to have them, but if you can afford one that does, then you won’t regret it.

Cutlery tray

Another useful feature is a dishwasher with a cutlery tray. This is dedicated tray at the top of the machine that means you have more space for pots and plates in the main part of the machine.

How we test dishwashers

Every dishwasher is plumbed and run in first before we begin our testing. We fill each dishwasher with a typical domestic load of pots and plates, including wine glasses and plastics.

We test the standard, main wash cycle and the Eco cycle on all machines, measuring the amount of water used, power used, time to completion and the noise during the fill and washing stages.

We also have three standard washing tests:

Dirty wine glass

This test consists of dried-on wine in the bottom of a wine glass. We look for perfect cleaning, a good shine and no streaks. We also look out for common drying problems, such as small pools of water in the base of the glass.

Dried-on wheat cereal

Always a favourite, this test consists of a bowl with dried-on wheat cereal that’s been left for 24 hours. It needs to be cleaned perfectly to achieve a good score.

Dried-on egg

This is our toughest test. In fact it’s so tough that no machine has produced perfect results yet. We leave egg cooked in the microwave in a Pyrex bowl to dry for 24 hours, and we always place this item in the best possible place to get ideal results. Tough though it may be, the extent of the cleaning gives us a great insight into how well machines perform overall.

IndyDFG26B1 12
Key features:
  • 13 place settings and A+ energy rating
  • 6 programmes
  • Simple to use
  • Review price: £259
Not particularly fussed about chasing the latest bells and whistles, and simply want clean dishes at a low price? Then the Indesit DFG26B1 is the dishwasher for you. Its capabilities can be summed up in one small list, which is: one big central knob for selecting one of six programmes; buttons for on/off; a delay start; and the enigmatically entitled MyTime function, which shortens the wash duration.

Washing and drying performance are decent, if not exceptional, but you can’t argue with that sub £300 price tag. It’s reasonably cost effective too, racking up an estimated £60 a year in running costs. If you want better figures than that, you’re going to have to fork out for an elite king such as the Miele G 6820 SC.

Simply put, the Indesit DFG26B1 fulfils its duty as a basic, easy-to-use dishwasher with good eco credentials.

Hotpoint SIUF32120X
Key features:
  • 10 place settings and A++ energy rating
  • Slimline, 45cm wide with stainless steel finish
  • Low noise
  • Review price: £379.99
Tight on space, but yearning for a dish bot to take care of your post-dinner party mess? The skinny Hotpoint SIUF32120X is a mere 45cm wide, but has the capacity to scrub up a whopping 10 place settings. It also has nine programmes, a 25-minute quick wash and a digital display that makes it super easy to use.

One of our favourite features is the Soak programme, a 10-minute pre-wash that gives plates a quick sloshing with detergent – perfect if you desperately need to clean some plates before whizzing the next course our to your guests.

Unlike some of the top-spec machines on the market, the SIUF32120X doesn’t come with a miraculous programme to leave your pots and pans instantly bone-dry and cupboard-ready. It makes an attempt at drying, but its real talents lie in its ability to clean incredibly well. Opt for the white version at around £50 cheaper, and you won’t think twice about that tiny niggle.

WPintDW 14
Key features:
  • Built-in dishwasher with A energy rating
  • 14 place settings and cutlery tray rack
  • 6th Sense Technology and PowerClean jets
  • Approx. £66 a year running cost
  • Review price: £489.99
There aren’t many dishwashers that can clean as well as the Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF, and we have no qualms saying it’s by far the best integrated dishwasher we’ve ever tested. Fully laden with Whirlpool’s 6th Sense technology and PowerClean jets, this neat and discreet dishwasher is ruthlessly tough on stains.

With 10 programmes, the WIO 3T123 PEF can be set to buff glassware to crystal-clear perfection, sanitise baby bottles or wine and beer-making equipment at 65?, and clean up a full load with stunning results on Eco mode. Designed to fit within a kitchen cupboard and hidden behind a furniture door, it’s whisper-quiet too.

The only minor caveat with the WIO 3T123 PEF is that it’s not the most energy efficient machine, clocking up an extra £15-£20 running cost per year compared to some of the most efficient A energy rated freestanding models. But then, it produces some of the most stunning cleaning results, so the trade-off is for you to judge.

Miele GS6820C 3
Key features:
  • 14 place settings and 3D cutlery tray
  • Interior lighting and Wi-Fi connected
  • 7 programme and Quick PowerWash
  • A+++ -20% energy efficiency
  • Review price: £1199
If you’ve got a juicy wad of cash to lay down for a top-spec dishwasher, the Miele G 6820 SC is a superb choice. This fine £1,200 specimen comes with a Wi-Fi connection for remote control from an app, interior lighting, and some of the best washing results that money can buy. What’s more, it’s super energy efficient.

A star performer all round, the G 6820 SC comes with seven brilliant programmes, including a 69? Hygiene programme for washing baby bottles. You access the programme settings via a one-push button, which scrolls through the menu on a dot matrix screen.

The G 6820 SC is a sensor machine, which means it can work out how much food is deposited on a load before it kicks in, altering its wash cycle to suit what’s inside it. This is perfect for anyone who chooses not to rinse their plates before loading up the dishwasher. One feature we love is the G 6820 SC’s auto door-opening drying. It pops the door open towards the very end of the programme to let the last remaining moisture evaporate.

WPintDW3O33 16
Key features:
  • Fully built-in
  • 14 place settings and A+++ energy rating
  • 1-hour quick wash & dry
  • Review price: £649

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Whirlpool WIO3033 DEL, the first 10/10 dishwasher that's ever graced the TrustedReviews test bench. Whirpool has pulled off a corker in the WIO3032, with astounding energy efficiency, outstanding racking space and unrivalled cleaning.

One of our favourite features is Whirlpool’s PowerClean, a turbo-boosting programme to really power-blast those particularly mucky dishes. It’s one of the quietest machines on the market too – even when it’s not tucked away behind a furniture door.

Very low running costs and amazingly flexible interior space finish the bill. If you’re looking for a built-in dishwasher for under £650, this is the only machine you need consider.


January 29, 2017, 8:48 pm

How do I get to the US site? All the prices are in british pounds!


March 7, 2017, 10:57 am

its a british company and website, you muppet.

Jezz Bowden

April 19, 2017, 2:19 pm

I work in a theatre and we need one for mostly polycarbonate glasses and mugs, so we need on with a choice of flat trays as the prongs get in the way and make staking glasses awkward. Is there such a thing available? We have a glass washer atm but it is too hot and it is cracking the polycarbonate

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