Lenovo P2 Review - Camera Review


Lenovo P2 – Camera

The rear-facing camera on the P2 is probably its weakest feature and prevents this phone from receiving a five out of five score. Specs-wise, it looks good: it gets a 13-megapixel sensor with an f/2.0 aperture, phase-detection autofocus and a dual LED flash.

In practice, it falls rather flat. It isn’t a terrible camera by any means, but in situations where the lighting isn’t ideal – indoors or on a cloudy day, for example – images are muted and blotchy.

The camera is capable of producing some decent depth-of-field effects for nice portraits, however – but that’s about it. Focusing is reasonably fast, but nothing to shout about.

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The camera app is needlessly complicated, with numerous modes and even the ability to manually adjust focus, ISO and other bits and bobs. I normally left it on Auto, and you probably should as well; the camera isn’t good enough to be used for careful, manual shooting.

Lenovo P2 sample photos 1
Some scenes look perfectly fine when light isn’t extreme

Lenovo P2 sample photos
Landscape shots can be good when sunlight isn’t too bright

Lenovo P2 sample photos 3
Night photography is universally poor

Lenovo P2 sample photos 4
Close-up shots are fine

Lenovo P2 sample photos 5
“Artistic HDR” mode is one of the worst I’ve ever seen

Video quality isn’t particularly great, either. When faced with low light, footage becomes jerky and unwatchable – although electronic image stabilisation does a reasonable job of reducing the effect of shaky hands.

The 5-megapixel front-facing camera does a decent job of producing natural and reasonably detailed faces, but often at the expense of background detail.

I really hope Lenovo launches a “P2 Plus” for £50 more with a good pair of cameras. If it did that, it would be one of the best phones on the planet.