Bosch Athlet BCH62550GB - Pet Hair Cleaning and Verdict Review


Bosch Athlet BCH62550GB – How does it cope with pet hair?

The original Athlet was superb at quickly cleaning up pet hair, and this latest version

is no different. It’s lightweight and always-ready cordless design means

it’s easy to tackle the random hairballs and patches on the

carpet with which pet owners will be familiar.

We used a mix of Collie

and Labrador hair – detached from the relevant animals by natural

defoliation – rubbed into a 30cm patch of carpet to test the Athlet, and we’re please to report that it cleaned up the mess well in 18 seconds. The original Athlet cleaner performed just as well and in exactly the same time – which means the BCH62550GB did extremely well for a

cordless model. Only the pricier Dyson’s can best it.

The bin

remains quite compact at 0.9 litres, so it will need to be emptied frequently – but

this isn’t an onerous task. Neither is clearing pet hairs wrapped

around the brush bar: it slides out of the head for easy cleaning.

Bosch Athlet BCH62550GB

Should I buy the Bosch Athlet BCH62550GB?


Athlet BCH62550GB is a lightweight, easy-to-use cordless vacuum cleaner. However, it isn’t especially versatile. Although it cleans reasonably well, its poor performance when tackling edges, along with its lack of hose and accessories, mean it

couldn’t actually replace a corded vacuum cleaner.


fact, Bosch’s more advanced version, which includes accessories and

lift-cylinder section, costs about the same now and performs

identically. Of the two, the Athlet BCH625KTGB is definitely the one to

own. However, you should consider the Vax Air Cordless Lift and

Dyson V6 before deciding.

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A competent cordless upright, but its lack of accessories mean that there are better alternatives available at a similar price.