Gamescom 2013: Games, announcements, trailers and more

PS4 games

Sony unveiled a raft of new PS4 games the majority of which come courtesy of its growing legion of indie developers. The list includes Helldivers, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Wasteland Kings, Volume, Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Rogue Legacy. Minecraft and MMO War Thunder have also been confirmed as PS4 launch titles when the console officially lands on November 29th.

The biggest PS4 games news was saved for the announcement that a reboot of side-scrolling classic Shadow of the Beast is coming to the PS4. You can see the Shadow of the Beast reveal trailer below.

PS Vita price drop

Hoping to shift a few more units of its

portable console, Sony has decided to slash the PS Vita price from 249

Euros to 199 Euros. That puts the PS Vita at around the £170 mark. Interestingly, the likes of Amazon and Game have already been selling the

Vita at this reduced price. The other good news is that Sony has plans to ‘significantly’

reduce the cost of the expensive memory cards required to save game


Sony additionally announced a price cut for the 12GB PS3 dropping the current gen console to 199 Euros (£170).

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New PS Vita games

Sony’s portable console has

been lacking a games catalogue of great depth so now the Vita-maker is trying

to rectify the situation by introducing new PS Vita Mega Pack compilations. A series of standalone titles will also be introduced including Borderlands 2,

Football Manager Classic 2014, Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate and Lego

Marvel Super Heroes.

Sony is continuing its indie game push on the PS Vita with a host of new games slated for release in

the coming year. The list includes Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number,

Blinding of Isaac Rebirth Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and Wasteland


Grand Theft Auto V PS3 bundle

Keen not to leave out the current

gen GTA lovers, Sony announced that the latest instalment of the open

world sandbox giant will be available in a special GTA V

PS3 console bundle. Alongside a 500GB PS3 console you’ll get a copy of

the game and a Pulse gaming headset.

If you just want the game, anyone

who pre-orders Grand Theft Auto V via the PlayStation Network will get

75% discounted off another Rockstar game.

Gamescom 2013

Gran Turismo 6 release date and Gran Turismo movie details

The slick racer is set to park up before the end of the year as Sony confirmed a Gran Turismo 6 release date for December 6th. In other GT news, a Gran Turismo film is actually happening and Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti will be tasked with directing the movie. De Luca’s film credits include The Social Network and Moneyball. Brunett meanwhile has previously worked as a producer on Netflix hit House of Cards and also worked as a produced on The Social Network.

Watch Dogs exclusive content and Watch Dogs the movie

One of the most talked about games at E3 last year and this year, Ubisoft has confirmed that PS4 owners will be able to access four missions on Watch Dogs exclusively on the Sony next gen console. In more game tie-in movie news, a Watch Dogs film is also in the works. The Ubisoft movie studio is clearly going to be a busy bunch having previously confirmed that it also plans to make movie adaptations of Far Cry and Ghost Recon. You can check out the new Watch Dogs Gamescom 2013 trailer below.

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