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Zitko Arki can help you walk with better posture

This fitness band is a little different. As well as tracking your activity, it analyses your walking posture and encourages you to walk in a more healthy way.

It measures your swing speed, rotation angle with respect to gravity, transferred vibration from the feet, and other variables. Using these measurements, it learns your walking habits. So if you’re constantly checking your phone, or walking with your head down out of habit, Arki will know about it.

Once it knows your habits, it gives you real-time haptic feedback – in other words, it buzzes to let you know you’re doing something wrong, whether it be hunching your back, or having your hands in your pockets. Follow its pointers, and you’ll walk with a healthier stride, which will be better for you.

(If you’re not sure what good walking is, you should be looking ahead, stretching your spine, bending your arms and taking measured steps, according to Harvard Health Letter.)

The app also turns your walking into a score, so you can easily measure how well you’re walking. And you can see your progress over time. So not only will you see how far you’ve walked, but how well you’ve done it too.

It measures your body balance as well, and recommends a personalised workout to help find your equilibrium.

One other plus – the battery lasts five days before needing a recharge. Take that, Apple Watch!

It’s passed its funding on Kickstarter, and will start shipping in April.

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