WWE 2K18 features the most ridiculous character yet… and he’s not even a wrestler

The weird and wonderful world of WWE is no stranger to outlandish characters. Down the years we’ve had garbage men, evil dentists, male cheerleaders, hog farmers, tax men and countless others.

However, the new WWE 2K18 video game features perhaps the most ridiculous playable character yet: Kentucky Friend Chicken’s very own Colonel Sanders.

During the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view last night, 2K Games has announced that The Colonel is part of the Create A Superstar mode that allows gamers to create their own wrestler.

Gamers will have to seek out the white suit, matching barnet and facial hair in order to create a jacked-up Sanders.

In the colourful history of WWE I can’t recall a rich, southern owner of a chain of fast food restaurants, so this is a new gimmick on me.

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Of course, it’s a PR stunt. KFC have been sponsoring WWE for a while now, with actual wrestlers playing the Colonel Sanders in various skits.

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The fried chicken chain is also responsible for the popular Southpaw Regional Wrestling episodes, mimicking the old territory system of the late 70s and early 80s.

WWE 2K18 is out on October 17 and features WWE Hall of Fame Kurt Angle as an unlockable character. The special edition also enables early access to the game.

Last week the wrestler rankings were revealed. While it doesn’t quite match the hullaballoo around NBA 2K rankings, the decision to make Roman Reigns the top wrestler in the game (at 95) raised some eyebrows among long term fans.

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