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WhatsApp update lets you see when your messages are read

WhatsApp will now reveal when your e-pals have read your messages.

The sought-after feature has finally landed on the cross-platform messenger, although it’s not actually part of a downloadable update.

Instead it appears the WhatsApp team have pushed the new feature over the air, meaning you won’t need to do anything at all to access read receipts.

Read receipts are definitely not a new concept – iPhone users will be familiar with it, as iOS has the feature built-in as an option for iMessages.

WhatsApp also now has an updated FAQ which explains how the new read receipts work with the old ‘tick’ system.

One tick and two ticks still signify the same things – the former shows when your message has successfully sent, while the latter signals when the message has landed on the recipient’s phone.

Now however, the grey check marks will turn a shade of blue once the recipient has read the messages.

Chatter of WhatsApp VOIP calling has also re-emerged, with the new feature expected to land sometime next year.

Voice-over-IP allows users to make and receive voice calls via an internet connection, meaning you won’t eat into your contracted minutes during extended tongue-wagging sessions.

Droidapp.nl has managed to find some VoIP app icons for WhatsApp, which could be the first concrete evidence of approaching IP-based calling.

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