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Two No Man’s Sky players defy the odds and visit same planet

No Man’s Sky has been officially available for a day now, and already two players have done the seemingly impossible by crossing paths on the same planet.

Founder of No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games, Sean Murray, previously stated that the chances of such a thing happening are ‘pretty much zero’ – which is probably about right considering there are 18 quintillion planets to explore. But players TheSadCactus and Psytokat found themselves in the same area of the vast universe within hours of playing the game – prompting Murray to tweet that his mind had been blown by the speedy meet up:


Interestingly, the two intrepid explorers were unable to actually see each other in-game – answering a question which many observers have been wondering about for some time. After landing on a planet which was previously discovered by Psytokat, TheSadCactus sent Mr Kat a message. The two then started streaming their virtual exploits on Twitch to see whether they were able to meet up on the planet.

Unfortunately, the pair were unable to rendezvous, dashing the hopes of those who had long-been excited to discover whether meet-ups, improbable as they may be, were possible in No Man’s Sky. Much of this was spurred on by Sean Murray previously stating that it was possible to run into other players in the game, as this video (around the 5:52 mark) shows:

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In fairness, Murray has since made clear that No Man’s Sky is not a multiplayer game, but that there are several ‘easter eggs so people know they are playing in the same universe’.


Pretty confusing stuff. But thanks to the efforts of the brave Psytokat and TheSadCactus, we now at least have some clarification on whether it’s possible to actually encounter other players in-game.

It remains unclear whether Hello Games has plans to introduce a meet-up feature in the future, although there has been talk of communication between players being added at some point. For now though, we’re limited to solo space exploration, it seems.

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What do you make of the whole No Man’s Sky meetup debacle? Let us know in the comments.