This OnePlus 5 video ad features a chainsaw and loads of blood

What better way to market your new phone than with a chainsaw-wielding serial killer and generous servings of fake blood?

OnePlus has released a new video advertisement – or commercial, as our stateside friends call them – for the new OnePlus 5 smartphone, and it’s certainly memorable if nothing else.

The ad is all about the quality of the new dual-camera on the phone, with OnePlus suggesting that the phone is the best choice for any on-the-fly photography situation – including gory selfies.

Check it out:

In a statement about the ‘Lake Blood’ ad sent to Trusted Reviews, a OnePlus spokesperson said: “Smartphones will let you do just about anything to ‘up’ your photography game nowadays. With the new Portrait Mode on the OnePlus 5 you can create such beautiful bokeh-effect images, it might just be worth cosying up for a second longer with that dangerous beast for the amazing safari shot you’ve been after, right?”

It continued: “Our new Hollywood-style, tongue-in-cheek video production parodies that more elaborate way to get an exciting shot.”

The OnePlus 5 was unveiled on June 20, 2017 and is the company’s most powerful and expensive phone to date – it’ll set you back at least £449 in the UK, for reference. One of the key features of the phone is the dual-camera on the back, which is designed to improve performance in low-light conditions and offer better depth-of-field for portrait photography.

We gave the phone a very high 4.5/5 score in our full review, praising the great value for money on offer, as well as the fantastic software, excellent Dash Charge, and the impressive dual-camera system. Here’s our verdict:

“Even though at £449/$479 the OnePlus 5 is the most expensive entry in the series yet, it still is undeniably one of the biggest bargains in tech. Considering varieties of the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8 can cost up to £400 more, it really does feel like OnePlus is onto another winner.”

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