This is probably the most expensive Android Wear watch you’ll ever see

Tag Heuer’s Connected Android Wear watches already cost top dollar before you start adding special edition movie tie-ins into the mix.

Yet, here it is, the Tag Connected Modular 45 is now available as a special edition to commemorate the Kingsman: The Golden Circle flick, starring Colin Firth.

But aside from being sold exclusively through notorious hoity-toity purveyor Mr. Porter, what’s so special about this edition that bumps the price up from $1,600 to a staggering $3,650?

Well, alongside new rose gold lugs, there’s also 30 pre-programmed custom dials and the option to create your own. The dial will also show a Kingsman logo and will vibrate for 10 seconds at 10:10.

There are also two straps included, one in caramel-coloured leather and another in orange velvet to match the smoking jacket worn by Tagon Egerton’s character Eggsy.

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The Tag Connected Modular 45 Kingsman edition, which will be sported in the movie, is available to buy today and, naturally, comes in a really fancy themed box.

“One of the characters in the film is a smartwatch,” director Matthew Vaughn explained to the Hollywood Reporter last month.

“No offense to the Samsungs or the Apples of the world, but I didn’t really think that’s what I wanted to see a Kingsman wearing.”


What’s your favourite movie tie-in gadget of all time? Will anything ever beat Sphero’s BB-8? Share your thoughts in the comments below.