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Super Mario Run crashing? Here’s what to do

Super Mario Run is finally available for iPhone users, but for some folks there’s been too much crashing and not enough running.

Since the iPhone release on Thursday, many Nintendo fans are experiencing app crashes, as well as frustrating interruptions due to intermittent connectivity.

In an effort to combat piracy Nintendo has included a jailbreak detection tool meaning Super Mario Run will crash upon launch.

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In order to work around this, you can use Cydia to install software called tsPotector 8+ for iOS 8 and iOS 9, which prevents the game detecting a jailbroken phone (h/t IBTimes).

Once the workaround is installed, you’ll be able to open the iPhone’s settings to launch tsProtector, browse to the Black List and enable Super Mario Run.

If you’re not using a jailbroken iPhone, the frequent crashes may be caused by something as simple as low system memory.

You can free up some of that RAM by holding down the power button until the ‘slide to power off’ menu pops up. From here, simply hold the home button until the power off option disappears.

From there you can also try restarting your iPhone or closing down other apps you may not be using via the multitasking menu, including a force quit of Super Mario Run itself.

If none of that works you can also attempt a reinstall. Hold down the Super Mario Run home screen icon and then tap the cross to delete.

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Have you experienced problems with Super Mario Run? What are your first impressions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.