Sony will automatically change your new, rude PlayStation Network ID

While, Sony is finally freeing users from their embarrassing PlayStation Network username, the company isn’t going to stand for any offensive tomfoolery.

Any attempt to change the PSN name to anything deemed offensive, hateful or vulgar will see it replaced by a clean temporary name.

If the company’s bots spot a username featuring words previously reported as offensive by another player and hence banned by moderation staff, the online ID will be automatically replaced by a username like ‘TempXXXX’.

Those cheeky gamers will be able to change the name to a less dirty, or slurry, monicker, or revert back to their original name without charge, so all’s well that ends well. Heck, if you like the Temp name (or get Temp6969), you can even keep it.

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Although the company is clamping down on such behaviour, it is stopping short of the previous measures, which saw players banned for using swears in their names. Here’s what the company’s Ts&Cs have to say about it (via The Next Web):

You may not take any action, or upload, post, stream, or transmit any content, language, images or sounds in any forum, communication, public profile, or other publicly viewable areas or in the creation of any Online ID that SIE LLC or its affiliates find, in their sole discretion, offensive, hateful, or vulgar. This includes any content or communication that SIE LLC or its affiliates deem racially, ethnically, religiously or sexually offensive, libelous, defaming, threatening, bullying or akin to stalking.

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The advent of the long-awaited name change for PSN users, this week, has also led to much hilarity, thanks to the suggestions the company is making when users attempt to switch things up.

Have you been waiting forever to change your name, in order to accept a suggestion like foot954uncanny? Or do you hate your old PSN name so much you’ll just go with sponge-polite-571 just to be rid of it? Sony has you covered.

The ability to change the name finally rolled out to PlayStation accounts on Wednesday. The first change is free, but for every one after that, you’ll have to pay for the privilege.

Have you changed your PlayStation Network Online ID this week? How did you find the process? Let us know @TrustedReviews on Twitter.