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Kiss that old username goodbye, PlayStation Network name changes are here, and your first one is free

Sony has announced that users will be able to change their PlayStation Network online ID from today in the United States and April 11, that’s tomorrow, for those living in Europe.

For players stuck with xX420MonsterXx or QUICKSCOPEMASTA, i’ve got good news for you. Every user gets their first name change for free. Better news if you decide after changing it that you really are the quickscope master, you can change back for free, too.

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It’ll belong to you forever, too. No one can claim your old username, even if you’re not using it anymore.

After this first handle change, you can alter your username again and again for £7.99 a time, or £3.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

There’s some bad news, though. PlayStation claim that “the large majority of most actively played PS4 games support the feature,” there could be some compatibility issues. Games published before April 1, 2018 actually may not work properly with new online IDs, and there’s a chance you could lose access to purchased DLC. Playing the games could mean you have to use your old username, and it’s not entirely clear what the solution is if you’re losing access to old downloadable content.

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It’s unclear what difficulties will arise with individual games, but if you’re a big fan of titles like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Grand Theft Auto V or other big titles from the PS4’s past, might want to see what is reported before hanging up their former username. Rest assured, if we find anything heinous we’ll be reporting it here.

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