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Sonos update 5.2 adds multi-account Spotify support

Sonos has just rolled out its latest software update, offering support for multiple music service accounts, plus enhanced Playbar audio.

Version 5.2 is available starting today on Android as a beta download, with general availability to follow shortly.

The new update allows users to add multiple music service accounts to your Sonos software. That means no more quibbling with housemates over whose Spotify account is tied to the speaker system.

It’s also a touch easier to access speaker controls now, with 5.2 providing lock-screen remote functionality on Android devices.

Users can also now search across all their music sources in one fell swoop – that’s including songs stored internally on your devices.

Playbar is also getting a boost with 5.2, namely through improvements to the soundstage, the EQ, and volume balancing.

It should mean that your audio sounds more realistic and immersive, with sound positioning also a tad more accurate.

The full version will be released later this year, but you can upgrade to the beta from your Android device right now, as well as through the Sonos Desktop Controllers for Mac and PC.

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