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Samsung patents a phone case that charges your Gear S3 on the move

Samsung has filed a patent application for a smartwatch-charging phone case that will juice up a Gear S3 on the go, according to Patently Mobile.
The diagrams in Samsung’s patent, which it submitted to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, suggest that the phone case will use Millimeter Wave Technology to wirelessly charge a Samsung Gear smartwatch.
It’s yet to be confirmed whether the case will charge other devices too, but it’s likely it won’t be limited to just Samsung’s own range, which would be a smart move on Sammy’s part to lure in the Apple crowd.

The wireless charging capabilities of the phone case lie hidden under a front and back cover. The back cover will house a transmission coil and USB Type-C connected to attach the case to the smartphone.
Samsung charging case patentPicture: Patently Mobile

Tucked inside the front cover will be a wireless power control processor and a direct current-alternating power converter.
As is generally the case with patents, the diagrams give no hint of Samsung’s final design ideas for the case. Whether the case will be a simple, sleek replica of a Samsung phone to keep the affair discreet, or a bold move to redesign the concept of the phone case is unclear.
What’s even more unclear is whether the case will see the light of day – it’s a patent filing, after all, and we’re all too aware that we have to take them with a pinch of salt until there’s further confirmation. We’ll keep you posted on more leaks on the case in the coming weeks.

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