PS4 design mock-up built from Sony’s teaser trailer hints

A PS4 design mock-up has been created by taking the images briefly shown in the PS4 teaser video released this week.

Despite, the PS4 teaser video not actually revealing what Sony’s next-generation console will look like, one Reddit user has compiled the fragmented images to create one of the first design concepts.

The composite is based on the brief flashes of the console provided in the fairly blurred teaser video launched by Sony this week.

Shown in the console’s traditional black colouring, the teaser video showed a selection of angled parts as well as fan and grill ports and a slightly curved section.

The Reddit user’s design definitely features all of these aspects and takes strong design hues from the existing PS3 consoles, in all its various iterations.

 As it is taken from the teaser video sneak peeks, it could strongly resemble the final console that is going to be formally unveiled on June 10, at Sony’s pre-E3 press briefing.

Sony has already been criticised for failing to reveal what its next-generation console will look like, having unveiled the PS4 at a dedicated event in February.

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The Japanese company revealed that the PS4 will play host to an eight-core AMD Jaguar processor with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM back in February. The next-generation console will be more like a high-end gaming PC than the current generation of consoles and will feature the newly redesigned DualShock 4 controller.

Microsoft is due to unveil its next-generation Xbox 720 console later today at a dedicated Xbox reveal event in Redmond, Washington. The company is bound to avoid Sony’s mistakes and showcase its new Xbox in all its hardware glory.

The Xbox reveal event tonight will start at 6pm BST and will focus on the console’s hardware, which is strongly tipped to pack very similar specs to the PS4.

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