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Pokémon Go Hacks: 8 clever cheats to hatch eggs fast and catch ’em all

Looking for the best Pokémon Go hacks and cheats? We’ve rounded them up right here, so you can get those precious eggs hatched in no time. Here’s our handy guide to hacking Pokémon Go.

If you’re one of the diehard Pokémon Go fans still obsessed with Niantic’s game, you’re likely at a point where the whole walking around thing is getting a tad dull.

Luckily, there’s a load of hacks you can use to limit the walking, and still ensure you come across the right creatures while racking up the mileage to help your eggs hatch.

Here are some of the best cheats we’ve seen, but first, we warned that Niantic has seriously cracked down on Pokémon Go hacks of late. Try to beat the system if you will, but know that you may be banned from the game and have your progress wiped as a result.

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1) Ride the bus

If you fancy at least getting outside, but can’t be bothered to walk in order to hatch those eggs, consider taking a trip on a city bus, if you happen to be in a densely populated area.

Why? Because Niantic has ensured you won’t be able to simply ride around in a car picking up Pokémon by adding a feature that detects how quickly you’re moving and stops eggs from racking up the kilometres if you go over a certain speed.

Thankfully, if you ride the bus in the city, you will likely stay below the km/h limit, and the eggs will continue to move towards hatching. You should also be able to get some Pokéstops on the way, which is handy.

Cycling should do the trick, too, but we don’t recommend trying to do much else on the game while on your bike other than adding to your mileage.

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2) Find Pokémon the easy way – with apps, maps and trackers

Pokémon Go naturally lends itself to map-based tracking tools and, given the game’s massive fan base, a number of popular apps quickly developed alongside the craze.

Unfortunately, Niantic isn’t especially keen on third-party Poké-hunting helpers, saying that such trackers amount to cheating.

The developer has gone out of its way to shutdown these kind of apps, with Pokévision one of the first victims, followed by the likes of Smart Poke and Skiplagged.

However, some tools are still functioning, with our (working) favourite at present being easy-to-use PokeRadar.

There are plenty of other Pokévision alternatives, though, but note that all are liable to be pulled offline at short notice.

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3) Get on the case with this genius iPhone accessory

Catching more advanced Pokémon can require throwing dead-accurate Pokéballs, and this isn’t always easy. Fortunately, some genius devised an iPhone case to help you aim.

Is it cheating? Well, probably – but it’s also a 3D printed project and helps us catch more monsters, so we love it.

Basically, the case serve a guide to keep your finger straight when you launch your Pokéballs. It was originally designed for the iPhone 6, so only fit phones of an identical (e.g. iPhone 6S) or very similar size and shape, but there are now also designs that’ll work with the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6/6S Plus.

Got a 3D printer handy? Head over to My Mini Factory now and check out the plans for the Pokéball aimer.

Of course, the best accessory you can buy to aid your Pokèmon hunts is a battery pack, as the game is a major drain on power. Hit the link below for some of our favourites.

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4) Clean up on Pokémon Go with Roomba

What’s better than smashing a game without lifting a finger? How about ending up with a clean house at the end of it all?

This fellow’s “joke”, as he describes it, worked out well for him after he put his phone on top of an iRobot Roomba and racked up half a kilometre in distance travelled.

That means he was able to help his eggs, which require you to walk around in order to hatch them, by bringing them closer to hatching, and not lose a single ounce of weight in the process.

If you have a Roomba laying around, why not try this out to gain some extra mileage while you sleep or argue with your significant other about why you’re wasting your life. Just think of all the mileage you’ll rack up while moving all your stuff out after you’ve broken up.

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5) Let a drone do the work

Sick of feeling as though you’re actually improving your health as you walk around? Why not take a page out of Redditor hyperion 995’s book and strap your phone to a drone.

As you can see from the images, the enterprising techie uses software that transmits what’s on his phone’s screen to his laptop, so he can send his phone off into the world while he sits in the comfort of his own home.

Hyperion explained his method thusly: “AirDroid using AirMirror will let you see and interact with your phone screen over the internet from a computer. The connection is very choppy on data, and I’m unsure if anyone would be able to catch a pokemon via AirMirror.

“…If you do attempt this, make sure to be in an open area where a falling phone can’t hurt or break anything as well as maintain line of sight with your drone because of the compass issues.”

So, there you go. Don’t try it if you have a data cap, try not to drop your phone on anyone’s head, and don’t expect to catch any Pokémon. On second thoughts, maybe give this one a miss.

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6) Fans are your friend (sometimes)

Got a ceiling fan? Why not try doing what dozens of Twitter users are recommending and put your phone on one of the blades to start adding to your mileage.

It seems the rotation of most fan’s blades is enough to trick the phone into thinking you’re actually walking around, allowing you to hatch eggs quicker and feel fantastic about your life choices.



Be warned, though. This tactic could end in disaster:


Ah such a shame, you had totally sick wallpaper too.

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7) Got a pet? Make them earn their keep

This one’s pretty straightforward. If you happen to have a dog or cat, they finally have a way to say thank you for the free room and board. You already know what to do.


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8) You spin me right round, Poké, right round

One final way to hatch your eggs without getting off your arse is to make use of that turntable you’ve got gathering dust – you know, the one you bought at uni because everyone said you had mad spinning skills?

That dream almost certainly died faster than your childhood aspiration of playing for England, but you new life’s ambition to become a Pokémaster can keep spinning, quite literally.

As the video below shows, all you need to do is launch Pokémon Go on your phone, fire up a turntable at the highest speed, and rest your (unlocked) device on it.

The ‘turntable’ featured looks slightly odd to our eye, like it belongs in a microwave rather than a club, and we can’t stress enough that you don’t want to microwave your phone in pursuit of Pikachu.

Still, it gives you the basic idea and a record-less vinyl player would also do the trick.

And that’s it for now. We’re sure the internet will provide numerous new ways in which to cheat your way to success, so check back for more of the best.

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