Playstation exclusive Helldivers is coming to PC next month

Twin stick shooter Helldivers is coming to PC next month, developer Arrowhead Games has announced.


news for co-operative shooter fans, the critically acclaimed Helldivers

is landing on PC next month, with all previously released DLC coming

along for the ride.

DLC includes the “Democracy Strikes Back”

content pack and all of the goodies that were previously available for

free on Sony platforms.

All future downloadable content will be made available on all platforms, including the new PC version.

No specific details have been released regarding future DLC, but Arrowhead Games is supposedly working on some cool stuff.

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is a co-operative top down shooter that can be played online or locally

with friends as you team up to battle aliens on a variety of planets.


damage both enemies and your friends with weapons and equipment, so

teamwork is crucial is you want to succeed without biting the dust.


physical version of Helldivers was released for PS4 earlier this year,

which is available as a physical and digital release. There are no plans

for similar treatment on PC, we’ll have to wait and see.

If you fancy trying out similar titles than we recommend Resogun for the PS4, which you can pick up for cheap or completely free via Playstation Plus.

Helldivers is currently available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. The PC version will be released via Steam in December 2015.

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