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OnePlus 7 5G Android 10 update release revealed – and you’re in for a wait

If you have bought OnePlus’ most expensive phone yet, you’ll still be waiting for the latest operating system to be rolled out. Here’s when it will show up.

In a post on its official forum, OnePlus announced that the OnePlus 7 5G will receive the Android 10 update “in the first quarter of 2020”. The reason for this relatively late rollout was put down to the difficulties presented by the new type of connectivity:

To achieve the best experience possible, we had to make system optimizations from the fundamental system architecture, in order to deliver a truly fantastic 5G experience… This is an arduous and time-consuming process that wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners Qualcomm and wireless operators. But we promise that in this exciting new 5G era, OnePlus will undoubtedly overcome these obstacles and deliver the latest operating system for your 5G smartphones as soon as it is ready. 

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We praised the OnePlus 7 5G lavishly in our review, giving it 4.5 stars out of 5. We were particularly impressed by the great battery life, top-notch performance, and the stunning display, despite the fact that a couple of compromises have been made with regard to the lack of wireless charging or an official IP rating for water resistance. But the major drawback to purchasing it is not down to the device itself but rather the quality of 5G networks in the UK at this point in time. You’d probably be better off waiting for coverage to increase and prices to decrease before taking the plunge into 5G.

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So what will Android 10 add to this impressive bit of hardware? In our review of Google’s latest mobile operating system, the feature that excited us the most was Live Transcribe, which instantaneously converts speech to text, thereby saving precious time writing up notes. However, we weren’t so taken with the much-hyped Dark Mode, which at that point was yet to roll out the black-and-grey interface even across all Google apps. You can read our pick of the new features in the article below: