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Nintendo NX rumours hint at cross-platform support

Insider rumours suggest that Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software could be playable on the Nintendo NX.

The Nintendo NX could very well have crossplay support, if a recent collection of rumours are to be believed.

Originally reported by Italian website, Nintendon, the website quotes an insider who believes Nintendo wish to make the NX a cross-platform device.

The insider also said that Nintendo are intend on creating a platform somewhat similar to the PS4 and Xbox One, so it may have a real chance of competing against them.

Backwards compatibility has always been a controversial issue amongst the console market, with both the PS4 and Xbox One receiving criticism due to their lack of support.

Nintendo has a legendary catalogue of games it can so easily tap into, so creating a platform with such ambitious backwards compatibility would be a great move on its part.

The Japanese company recently filed a patent for a disc-less games system, hinting towards a digital future for the company.

Documents relating to said patent also reveal that the system would include a card slot, which could be used for either external memory or even Nintendo 3DS cartridges. 

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This past E3, Microsoft announced that Xbox One backwards compatibility will be coming to everyone this November.

The support has been somewhat limited thus far, with publishers having to approve which titles can be utilised by the feature.

Very little is known about the Nintendo NX so far, with an official reveal to come at some point in 2016.

The Nintendo Wii U has ultimately been a financial failure for Nintendo, despite an admirable library of exclusive games.

The console has sold roughly 10 million units since launching in November 2012.